Robin Williams Wife Reveals The Real Reason For His Suicide

The world misplaced an unimaginable man, actor, and comic named Robin Williams in 2014. Having chosen to take his life by way of suicide, individuals had been devastated upon receiving the information, distraught by the thought that somebody so common and humorous would decide to finish his personal life.

Three years later, the late comic’s widow has spoken out in an interview with Good Morning America, and he or she revealed that despair isn’t the one cause Robin Williams selected to finish his life three years in the past.

During the interview, Susan mentioned:

“It was not depression that killed Robin Williams. Depression was one of let’s call it 50 symptoms, and it was a small one.”’

Instead, Robin Williams’ widow suggests a extra doubtless cause for his suicide – a principle which is supported by his private docs.

“I’ve spent this last year trying to find out what killed Robin,” mentioned Susan, “to understand what we were fighting, what we were in the trenches fighting. And one of the doctors said, ‘Robin was very aware that he was losing his mind and there was nothing he could do about it.”

Troubled by his psychological afflictions, the comic doubtless selected suicide as a closing type of management over his personal physique and future. After performing an post-mortem on Robin’s physique, it was found that the person who was capable of make everybody smile had developed dementia with Lewy our bodies (DLB).

Right after Alzheimer’s, DLB is the commonest type of dementia. Symptoms of the affliction embrace hallucinations, altered psychological states, and deteriorating motor features. Even on a unconscious stage, some suspect, he was conscious that his physique was failing him and sought management.

I do know now the docs—the entire staff—was doing precisely the appropriate issues,” commented Susan, “It’s simply that this illness was quicker than us and greater than us. We would have gotten there finally.

According to Susan, sufferers with DLB behave like a “pinball machine. You don’t know precisely what you’re taking a look at.

The findings match what Robin exhibited in his closing days. Susan says her former husband would go from “completely lucid” one second to be talking issues that “didn’t match” simply minutes later. Before he dedicated suicide, his situation escalated to the purpose that it appeared “just like the dam broke.”

Whereas most family members harbor anger towards those that left them willingly, Susan is at peace with Robin’s closing try to regulate his life. She acknowledged:

I imply, there are numerous causes. Believe me. I’ve considered this—of what was happening in his thoughts, what made him in the end commit, you recognize, to try this act. And I believe he was simply saying, ‘No.’ And I don’t blame him one bit. I don’t blame him one bit.”