Tory MPs laugh at colleague who once performed manual labour without servant help

OTTAWA – Conservative MPs had a great laugh at the expense of Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi after hearing he once had a job involving manual labour and no help from domestic servants.

“A lorry driver? Is he serious!” chuckled Baron Charles H. M. Davenport VI, Tory MP for Earl-West-Sussex-Canterbury while swirling his Cognac from his opposition seat. “You call opening doors and collecting fares as experience? Such plebeian work does not qualify you to give such significant speeches in Parliament.

Why did you not just have your manservant perform this task whilst you sat at home and read in your library,” he added.

Tory MPs continued to ridicule the Minister for not even being a member of the landed gentry while Sohi read off a tribute to a murdered Winnipeg bus driver.

“He should be called the Minister of the Commoner instead!” quipped another MP causing the entire Conservative caucus to erupt in laughter.

“Very clever, old boy!” said another MP laughing at the comment. “You should share that anecdote with our super-yacht and country club.”

When a point of order was brought up about the Conservative Party’s behaviour, House Leader Hon. Baroness Candice Bergen clarified: “There is laughter for many reasons in this house; especially the pitiful state of those MPs who still carry their bags, wear non-fur coats and still ride the bus with the unwashed masses.”