Examine Warns Flu Photographs ‘Weaken Immune System’

A examine by Ohio State College has discovered that ladies who obtain flu pictures have a considerably weakened immune system consequently. 

Lisa Christian, PhD, says that the examine is essentially the most conclusive proof to-date that the flu vaccine is each ineffective at stopping flu, and harmful.

“Rising proof reveals that those that obtained a flu shot within the prior yr have decrease antibody responses within the present yr.”

Naturalnews.com stories:  The examine proves but once more that the official narrative of the flu shot business — and its complicit corporate-run media — is fake and intentionally misleading. Removed from providing bulletproof safety, flu pictures truly make individuals extra weak to influenza infections, which in fact contributes to extra individuals catching the flu after which falsely considering they want extra flu pictures for “extra safety.”

But it’s the flu pictures themselves which can be resulting in a rise in influenza infections. The flu vaccine, in different phrases, perpetuates the parable that flu vaccines are wanted by making certain influenza spreads extra quickly than would in any other case happen. In impact, flu vaccines unfold the very infections that generate extra demand for flu vaccines. The construction is a “excellent” self-perpetuating medical hoax rooted in faux science and relentless media propaganda.

In my information video beneath, you’ll additionally study:

  • Individuals who had a 2008 flu shot skilled a 250% improve in influenza infections in subsequent years.
  • A examine printed in Human & Environmental Toxicology discovered that mercury-laced flu vaccines prompted a four,250 p.c improve in fetal deaths in the course of the 2009 flu season.
  • The flu shot narrative pushed by the vaccine business is a medical hoax that’s simply disproved by fact-based proof.
  • Individuals who get flu pictures would be the first to die in an precise international pandemic as a result of they’ve been made weak to infections.