5 Chemical Weapons Tests UK Government Performed On Citizens

During the Cold War the British authorities thought it could be a good suggestion to check chemical and organic weapons towards their very own residents.

Below are the highest 5 chemical weapons checks performed on British residents.

1) Zinc Cadmium Sulphide Dispersal

Between 1953 and 1964 round 4600 kilos of zinc cadmium sulphide was dispersed from ships, vehicles and airplanes. Scientists knew the chemical concoction had a ‘largely unknown toxic potential’, but nonetheless performed the experiment round Salisbury in Wiltshire, Cardington in Bedfordshire and Norwich in Norfolk. It was additionally dispersed throughout areas of the North Sea and English Channel, the place the extent of its results are solely unknown. Today, we perceive zinc cadmium sulphide to be carcinogenic.

2) Bacillus Globigii Dispersal in London’s Subway System

To discover out whether or not the lengthy distance traversal of aerosols via London’s tube system was finished via the air flow system or on board the trains, scientists launched the micro organism Bacillus Globigii into the subway system. While some scientists are documented as having reservations in regards to the experiment, it’s unknown whether or not or not any enough, if any, testing was finished on the consequences of the micro organism earlier than its launch. Today, we all know it causes meals poisoning, eye infections, and septicaemia.

three) Black Death Released Off Scottish Coast

Live plague micro organism had been launched simply just a few miles from the Isle of Lewis, an island that a number of thousand individuals known as house. The experiment was regarded as protected as the prevailing wind ought to have blown the micro organism out to sea, nevertheless if the wind had been to alter course 1000’s of harmless lives would have been in danger. It is effectively documented that no less than one fishing vessel travelled via the plague cloud. We needn’t increase upon the consequences of the plague.

four) Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Experiment in The Bahamas

The case of the fishing vessel changing into an unwilling participant in a plague area check meant that future chemical and organic checks had been performed additional afield, the place scientists knew of areas ‘without restrictions’. British abroad territories (AKA colonies or occupied lands), just like the Bahamas, had been the brand new playground. Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis was launched close to an uninhabited island within the Bahamas by scientists, regardless of the very fact it could possibly trigger excessive fever, long run fatigue, complications and infrequently demise if it had been to achieve populated shores.

5) Experimental Nerve Gas Dispersal in Nigeria

In Obanaghoro, positioned within the South of British-occupied Nigeria, scientists spent over a 12 months dispersing experimental nerve brokers. The tropical surroundings was key to what the scientists had been making an attempt to check in relation to those specific brokers. Again, the extent to which this nerve fuel affected native populations and even employed locals, working as part of the undertaking, is solely unknown. Sarin is thought to have been examined right here, which causes lack of bodily operate and often demise, whereas those that survive are more likely to undergo mind injury and psychiatric issues.


Ulf Schmidt, Professor of Modern History on the University of Kent who carried out the analysis exposing all of those circumstances, mentioned: ‘the government records I’ve been are conspicuously silent on all this’. He went on to say that ‘officials had clearly good reasons as to why the kind of experiments undertaken in Nigeria were strictly prohibited on the British mainland’.

Schmidt’s work has additionally discovered that 30,000 secret chemical warfare experiments had been carried out between 1945-1989 on greater than 14,000 ‘volunteer’ British troopers. He believes that a lot of the troopers had been by no means given sufficient data to offer knowledgeable consent. All of those findings and extra might be discovered within the professor’s new guide, Secret Science.