Marine Le Pen Exposes Huge Voter Fraud Scam In France

Half one million overseas-based French residents have been given the chance to vote twice by the French institution, in what Marine Le Pen is describing for example of the globalist’s desperation to maintain her out of workplace.

Days after Le Pen rocketed into the lead in polls for the French presidency, overseas-based French residents, recognized to be overwhelmingly leftist, all acquired duplicate polling playing cards within the publish, permitting them to forged two votes in the primary spherical of the election, held on April 23.

Making the “computer blunder” much more suspicious, French authorities confirmed they’d not be investigating the huge voter fraud till after the election, which means they’re permitting double votes will depend.

This might derail Le Pen’s rebel marketing campaign, as most French nationals dwelling exterior of the nation are leftists who rely upon the European Union and its corrupt establishments to assist their way of life.

Marine Le Pen has vowed to “destroy the New World Order” when she is elected President of France, sending a warning to European elites that she’s going to “dismantle their corrupt, self-serving establishments with my very own two arms if I’ve to.

The folks have spoken and their message is evident: the New World Order is completed,” Marine Le Pen stated.

Voter fraud

Le Pen’s booming populist assist has clearly rattled the institution, and now they’re resorting to soiled tips to cling onto energy in Europe.

Le Pen has obtained the New World Order working scared, which is why they’re in propaganda overdrive, pumping the mainstream media stuffed with scare tales and untruths in an try and blind the plenty to what’s actually taking place earlier than their very eyes.

They are decided to guard themselves by holding her out of energy somehow, utilizing each anti-democratic trick of their repertoire.

Rigged election

But Marine Le Pen believes they’re preventing a shedding battle. People internationally proceed waking up and they’re rejecting the New World Order in droves.

In a current BBC interview, Marine Le Pen held her personal with a sometimes hostile mainstream host, and laid out her imaginative and prescient for rejecting globalism and reclaiming French sovereignty.

When I’m elected President, I’ll go to the European Union and say that I would like 4 sovereignties again. Legislative sovereignty: our legal guidelines are extra necessary than EU directives. Territorial sovereignty: we resolve who comes and stays in our nation, we would like borders. Thirdly, financial and banking sovereignty: I’ve the precise to advertise financial patriotism if I so want. And after all, financial sovereignty.”

It appears a Le Pen presidency is greater than the institution of France and the European Union can threat. A grimy tips marketing campaign towards Le Pen, that includes a mendacity, corrupt mainstream media – and now uncovered voter fraud – is threatening to maintain the favored candidate out of workplace.

Voters have to be courageous, preserve their eye on the info, and never be swayed by mainstream media propaganda.