Alt-Proper Chief Richard Spencer Confirmed As Democrat Plant

Alt-Proper chief Richard Spencer has been confirmed as a Democrat plant who has been tasked by his masters to fire up racial hatred in America and assist usher in totalitarian new legal guidelines. 

Spencer’s dad and mom are from Dallas, Texas and have ties to the Bush household and billionaire Democrat donor George Soros.

Alt-Right Exposed experiences: On October 8th it was revealed that Richard Spencer employed his shut pal, and suspected pedophile, “TheBigKK” to assemble information and require pictures of everybody linked to the Charlottesville rally on August 12th. Spencer required these measures to be taken to be able to extract EXIF geotagging information from the pictures, in order that he may receive the house addresses of his recruits.

Later, on October 18th, Richard Spencer staged forward-facing cameras pointed instantly on the 12 or so followers that he had sit in a rigorously prearranged spot at his heckled, failed speech on the College of Florida. Alt-Proper members had been required to offer Spencer with detailed details about themselves to be able to attend his occasion.

Spencer and Enoch Have been Cautious to Not Block Their Cameras

Though the failed speech has been broadly lambasted and ridiculed by each the left and the suitable, the occasion served Spencer’s functions, which was to assemble intelligence on the Alt-Proper, and incite a few of their dupes into some acts of violence. He was profitable on each counts.

Proper on cue, Spencer household pal George W Bush got here out of nowhere and condemned the Alt-Proper, nationalism and Trump in the identical speech, coincidentally on the precise morning of the day of Spencer’s speech.

Richard Spencer is an admitted atheist and socialist, who hates America, hates Christians and the Structure, and thinks that Trump supporters are “cucks”.

Richard Spencer shouldn’t be a conservative. He has praised Bolshevism, and has known as himself the “Karl Marx of the alt-right”. His mentor is a confused, retired educational, named Paul Gottfried. Gottfried says that america is not a republic, and is Nietzschean social Darwinist, who’s a disciple of Marcuse and has been described as a “right-wing proponent of the Frankfurt college.”

The robotic speaking factors that Spencer reads off in mainstream media interviews come from his boss, William Regnery II, founding father of the Nationwide Coverage Institute. Whereas faculty drop-out Richard Spencer pretends to “run” NPI from the basement of his mom’s three million greenback apartment in Whitefish, Montana, it’s actually Regnery who is asking the pictures.

In response to Spencer himself, Regnery has performed a “vitally vital and indispensable” position in bolstering the alt-right motion and that he “wouldn’t do a giant factor with out consulting him.”

William Regnery’s father, Henry, was the founding father of the American Safety Council, which is riddled with CIA brokers, and it’s spin-off, the Heart for Safety Coverage, is headed by Dick Cheney, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, the neoconservative warmongers who pushed George W Bush into the Iraq struggle.

Richard Spencer’s dad and mom are from Dallas, Texas and he and his household have been shut private mates with the Bush household for a few years.

Richard Spencer’s Dad and mom, Rand and Sherry Spencer

It is a textbook case traditional problem-reaction-solution that American patriots have been warning about for years.

Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, Mike Enoch and Eli Mosley meticulously conspired and deliberate to hold out the Charlottesville terrorist assault over many months.

Alt-right chief and Richard Spencer confidant Jason Kessler was an organizer for George Soros’ Occupy Wall Road motion, and a self admitted leftist provocateur, who dumped his Jewish girlfriend as a result of she was not “liberal sufficient”. He then magically remodeled himself into an chief in Spencer’s Alt-Proper motion, and connected himself to the Donald Trump marketing campaign in November of 2016.

Jason Kessler supervised the conspiracy to make use of autos as weapons within the assault, on his private Discord server.

Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler inspired the carry of firearms and the show of Nazi and ISIS flags on the rallies.

It’s clear to anybody with in IQ above room temperature, that, in case you are on the suitable, and you will an occasion organized by Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, Mike Enoch, or Eli Mosley, you might be, what Spencer’s hero Lenin known as, a “helpful fool”. You will be photographed, documented, and you will have an FBI file labeled “Home Terrorist” on it for the remainder of your life.

Spencer had his followers march rigorously, single filed, at night time, previous media, police and FBI cameras, whereas holding torches subsequent to their faces for max decision. Among the dupes misplaced their jobs, however all of them are neatly cataloged, to be able to be subpoenaed in upcoming trials.

The ways that Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and Eli Mosley are utilizing are straight from the George Soros/Saul Alinksy playbook, with a touch of Westboro Baptist Church thrown in.

The Alt-Proper makes use of violent, inflammatory rhetoric to incite crowds, then, when the taking pictures begins, they run and conceal behind police, as Jason Kessler demonstrated within the wake of Charlottesville. If the crowds do assault, they try and sue the police and whine for donations on Twitter about how their “civil rights” had been violated.

The Alt-Proper makes use of violent, inflammatory rhetoric to incite crowds, then, when the taking pictures begins, they run and conceal behind police, as Jason Kessler demonstrated within the wake of Charlottesville. If the crowds do assault, they try and sue the police and whine for donations on Twitter about how their “civil rights” had been violated.

We now know that Richard Spencer contracted with a Neo-Nazi terror cell named “Anticom” to offer armed safety for him in Gainesville, and that he was pressured to cancel an armed rally, full with Nazi flags, in Charlotte on December 28th.

Three of Spencer’s followers had been arrested after opening hearth on group of individuals at a bus high in Gainesville, moments after his speech ended.

William Henry Fears, 30, of Pasadena, Texas; Colton Gene Fears, 28, additionally of Pasadena; and Tyler Eugene Tenbrink, 28, of Richmond, Texas; had been charged with tried murder and held within the Alachua County jail. Tenbrink was additionally charged with being a felon in possession of a weapon.

It’s not identified right now if these proud boys had been members of Anticom, Atomwaffen Division, or one other group. We do know that a minimum of two of the three attackers had been on the doomed August 12th rally, with Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler.

Suspect William Fears was a member of Vanguard America, which is the Neo-Nazi group that terrorist James Fields Jr was in, when he murdered Heather Heyer and wounded over thirty others. Fears adopted Richard Spencer across the nation, and attended his Texas A&M speech on December 6, 2016.

Suspect Tyler Tenbrink, the Neo-Nazi who opened hearth on the individuals on the bus cease, additionally had loads of cash and free time to comply with his expensive chief across the nation. He was additionally at Spencer’s speech at Texas A&M, and was with him on the Charlottesville rally.

Suspect Suspect Colton Fears was additionally a giant fan of Richard Spencer. This loser confirmed up with a rifle to intimidate a gathering of socialists in Houston, Texas in April of 2017. He was additionally with Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler at Charlottesville.

What we do know is that Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and Eli Mosley won’t do any jail time, will deny any duty for the assaults, and can most likely mock the victims and laud the thugs as “heroes”, who “did nothing flawed”. Possibly they “acted in self-defense” whereas opening hearth on a bunch of bystanders at a metropolis bus cease?

Spencer will most likely jet again to Whitefish quickly, for mimosas, and Enoch will return to his tawny Higher-East Aspect apartment in New York Metropolis, as if nothing occurred.

Judging by media protection of each Charlottesville, their silence concerning the armed rally in Charlotte, and their tepid response to the shootings in Gainesville, plainly Richard Spencer has mates in excessive locations within the media.