FBI Release 9/11 Photos Proving Pentagon Was Hit By Missile

The FBI has quietly launched a collection of latest 9/11 photograph’s that raises questions on what actually occurred on the day the World Trade Center towers have been taken down.

Amid a complete media blackout, the brand new photos seem to indicate the aftermath of a missile hitting the Pentagon, quite than an airplane as we’ve been led to consider.

The mainstream media and official 9/11 Commission Report insist that American Airlines Flight 77 smashed into the Pentagon on the morning of September 11. However, these new photos clearly convey that ‘fact’ into severe disrepute.

Others might be seen as placing to relaxation a preferred principle American Airlines Flight 77 by no means really smashed into the Pentagon.

The FBI Vault launch is minute in dimension, to say the least — with a mere 27 photos comprising the file — and doesn’t embrace video, audio, nor something apart from photographs.

But, given the stony silence from the U.S. authorities towards households of victims of the assaults, even the meager disclosure is a welcome morsel of data with the potential to supply solutions.

Indeed, within the very first picture, labeled plainly, “9-11 Pentagon Debris 1,” a single piece of wreckage sits remoted on a parcel of garden — bearing the American Airlines emblem and marked with letters and numbers.

While this and photos of proof prefer it ostensively did come from the garden of the Pentagon within the wake of the airplane smashing into the constructing’s facet, it will be prudent to notice the dearth of context — such because the burned and gaping gap — to tell apart it singularly.

Mangled metallic within the second picture seems clearly to have come from a airplane, however — like the complete launch — no description accompanies to elucidate when, the place, or how the wreckage was found by investigators.

The third file once more reveals airplane particles — this time, the horrendously twisted metallic features a painted crimson “C” with a white define, as seen painted on the perimeters of American Airlines.

Several photos of the emergency response to the crash observe, evincing a cavernous gap within the Pentagon constructing, as fireplace and rescue crews descend on the burning rubble.

Although the aforementioned collectively would appear to place to relaxation that no airplane ever crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, a number of photos of exterior and inside injury evince a smaller gap than can be intuitive — however the sagging flooring, twisted girders, and common destruction do present how a lot of the constructing suffered on influence.

While all of those photos seem to not less than usually align with the official account of what occurred with Flight 77 that day, three photos can’t be defined — as a result of they appear to defy logic.

Assumedly taken from an plane hovering overhead and from an angle behind the blasted gap, three photos present the rounded chasm cleaved into the constructing’s outer ring — however the burned stone from fires ensuing from the explosion doesn’t lengthen into the interior space on the within of the Pentagon’s second concentric section.

However, with none proof the crash affected the second ring, and observing what would have been the trail the downed craft took by means of the constructing upon influence, a piece of burned constructing stretching from the bottom all the best way to the roof oddly and implausibly seems — on the within of the Pentagon’s third and center ring.

Indeed, it’s solely unclear how this unusual sample of injury along side lack of it might have occurred in any respect.

This isn’t meant to denounce the official story nor these proffered by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth — nor anybody else who has completely examined the proof and has a believable principle

It needs to be famous the FBI launched various revealing photos beforehand — almost 5 years in the past, in late 2012 — evincing wreckage of Flight 77 discovered contained in the Pentagon.

But these photos, and the oddity of the discharge’s dimension and quiet announcement, ought to provoke thought and dialogue of the occasions of that day — significantly contemplating the assaults of 9/11 ushered within the insidious War on Terror and Surveillance State.