Examine: Weapons Equipped To Syrian Opposition Ended Up ‘Boosting’ ISIS Arsenal

A brand new investigation has revealed that many of the superior weaponry utilized by ISIS got here from provides the US and Saudi Arabia despatched to the area.

The research launched by the London based mostly Battle Armament Analysis (CAR), claims to be essentially the most complete so far.

The investigation concluded that the weapons provided to opposition teams “considerably augmented the amount and high quality of weapons accessible to ISIS forces in numbers far past people who would have been accessible to the group by battlefield seize alone”,

It stated that the US and Saudi Arabia “not directly allowed the terrorists to acquire substantial portions of anti-armour ammunition” together with anti-tank guided weapons (ATGW) and rockets with tandem warheads.

The research took over a 3 and a half years to conduct and was funded by the European Union. Entitled “Weapons of the Islamic State,” the report claims to be “unquestionably essentially the most complete, verified research of the group’s weapons so far.”

Press TV experiences: The possession of those arms by Daesh stays a menace to the US-led coalition forces nonetheless working in Syria and Iraq, based on the research launched Thursday by Battle Armament Analysis (CAR), a UK-based group that displays the motion of typical weapons.

The weapons included anti-tank rockets bought by the US navy that ended up in possession of ISIL inside two months of leaving the manufacturing unit, based on the research, which was funded by the European Union and German authorities.

Efforts by the US and different international locations to produce weapons to militant teams “have considerably augmented the amount and high quality of weapons accessible to (ISIL) forces,” the report concluded.

The research examined 40,000 weapons and different gadgets recovered from Daesh, through the previous three years.

CAR researchers have been unable to find out whether or not Daesh captured the weapons on the battle zone or whether or not the militants offered or gave the arms to the phobia group.

The report cites an ISIL propaganda video exhibiting the phobia group’s fighters with weapons captured final 12 months from the so-called New Syrian Military, a coalition of militant teams battling the federal government forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

It has lengthy been recognized that ISIL captured enormous quantities of US weapons, together with tanks and artillery, when the phobia group swept into Syria and Iraq in 2014.

The White Home ended a secretive CIA operation begun by the administration of then President Barack Obama in 2013 to arm anti-Assad militants.

The covert program arming anti-Assad militants is distinct from the Pentagon’s publicly acknowledged operation to arm the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a US-backed alliance of Kurdish and Arab forces combating ISIL, however not Assad.

Saudi Arabia, which just like the US strongly opposes the Syrian authorities, additionally provides weapons to militant teams.

The brand new research raises questions on different sources for weapons.

The report stated many of the weapons secretly despatched to militants in Syria have been bought by america and Saudi Arabia from arms manufactured in Jap Europe. It stated the way in which the US authorities bought the weapons raised troubling issues about controlling arms gross sales.

The US-led coalition has been conducting airstrikes in opposition to what are stated to be Daesh targets inside Syria since September 2014 with none authorization from the Damascus authorities or a UN mandate.

The navy alliance has repeatedly been accused of focusing on and killing civilians. It has additionally been largely incapable of attaining its declared purpose of destroying Daesh.