Libya: U.S. In Panic Mode After Extremist Puppets Lose Control Of Oil Ports

Not content material with bombing Libya again to the Stone Age and stealing the oil, the US and key European allies at the moment are in panic mode after their Libyan puppet extremists have misplaced management of the nation’s oil ports. 

Libya was the richest, most developed, most educated nation in North Africa. It was a mannequin of much-needed stability within the area, with a authorities that was significantly much less horrible than NATO’s quite a few medieval dictator-allies.

Off-guardian reports: Before the “revolution”, the Libyan authorities used oil revenues to subsidize a complete vary of social advantages for its residents.

And now that Libya is a moon crater, the U.S. and its European poodles are whining about “returning oil ports to the Libyan people”.

Is this a brand new standup routine that Washington has been working towards?

EU states and the US have urged a Russia-backed Libyan warlord handy again oil ports, amid warnings that Russia was attempting to do in Libya what it did in Syria.

“The British, French, Italian, and US ambassadors to Libya mentioned oil services “belong to the Libyan folks and should stay below the unique management” of central authorities.”

This assertion is in fact referring to Khalifa Haftar and his profitable assault towards “Islamist militias” (fanatics affiliated with al-Qaeda) who seized Sidra and Ras Lanuf earlier this month.

In different phrases: The U.S. and Europe at the moment are having a panic assault as a result of Islamic extremists now not management two key oil ports in Libya. 

What an odd factor to be upset about.

And the notion that Washington cares in any respect about what “belongs” to the Libyan folks is laughable. If you measure the dimensions of destruction when it comes to the place Libya was earlier than NATO’s “humanitarian intervention”, and the place it’s now, it’s merely prison. Before Obama began dropping “right to protect” bombs, that is what the U.N. said about Libya:

In 2010, Libya ranked 53rd within the UN’s Human Development Index amongst 163 international locations. With life expectancy at beginning at 74.5 years, an 88.four% grownup literacy price and a gross enrolment ratio of 94.1%, Libya was categorised as a excessive human improvement nation among the many Middle East and North Africa area.

Libyans as soon as loved a better way of life than 2/three of the planet. NATO mounted that little drawback — and now Washington is crying crocodile tears about oil services that “belong” to the Libyan folks. The total nation belongs to the Libyan folks. Washington destroyed it, however for some cause it’s solely involved concerning the oil ports. How odd.