Media Blackout: Putin Liberates Syria From ISIS, As Jihadis Beg For Mercy

In 2015, whereas Commander-in-Chief Obama was offering help to ISIS, courageous Vladimir Putin made a dedication to the world – he would destroy the Islamic State, tearing them root and department from Syria, if it was the very last thing he ever did. 

Destroying ISIS, Putin stated, could be his biggest legacy.

Two years later, Putin can announce to the world that he fulfilled his promise. ISIS have been pulverized in Syria, their positions decimated and their plans for future terror dashed like Obama’s plans for Hillary Clinton to proceed his damaging legacy.

Raqqa, Islamic State’s de facto capital in Syria for the final years, has been fully liberated by Russian and Syrian authorities troops. The horror in Raqqa is over. Syrians can now return to their houses and start the method of resuming their lives, free from the fear of the New World Order’s proxy troopers.

In the meantime, in the USA and the remainder of the western world, mainstream media is surprisingly silent. Relatively than give credit score to Putin’s forces, they’re overlaying up the autumn of ISIS, as if embarrassed that Obama’s proxy fighters have been so simply brushed apart.

Islamic State commanders are begging Putin for mercy, as ISIS militants are despatched to Russia’s harshest prisons, and but mainstream media in the USA, moderately than inform the general public about what is going on on the earth, are busy attempting to dumb down the general public, claiming that Putin used Pokemon Go to rob Hillary Clinton of her entitled interval within the White Home.

The mainstream media is steadfastly refusing to offer Putin credit score the place it’s due. Because the mouthpiece of the New World Order, the mainstream media is underneath strict orders to color Putin, the New World Order’s primary enemy, as a ruthless, evil tyrant.

They’re strictly forbidden from reporting that he has liberated a sovereign nation from exterior assault.

Raqqa has been liberated. Within the southeast, the army has fully blocked the town of al-Mayadeen, which stays the most important IS-held settlement in Syria.

The town is in full blockade in the meanwhile. The liberation of its central districts is now near completion,” Common Rudskoy previous reporters.

ISIS was planning to show the town into its new stronghold, changing the fallen Raqqa, deploying its remaining battle-worthy models to al-Mayadeen, he added.

However Putin isn’t cracking open the vodka simply but.

Russia could have damaged ISIS’s again, however there stays work to be carried out. Obama pulled US troops out of Iraq earlier than the clear up work was full, leaving a vacuum that was stuffed by ISIS. Putin, a shrewd scholar of historical past, won’t repeat the errors made by the previous Chicago group organizer.

Putin is offering help for the newly liberated areas in Syria, delivering 74 tons of humanitarian help to Aleppo and Damascus in latest months. Medics from the Russian Protection Ministry’s hospital within the nation have handled 1000’s of Syrian sufferers, injured in battles in opposition to ISIS, through the interval.

Some of the acute issues within the areas liberated from Islamic State is the presence of a lot of explosive units left by the militants in addition to unexploded ordnance,” stated Rudskoy.

Russian sappers have to date cleared 838 buildings and 87 kilometers of roads in Syria, neutralizing 24,000 mines and improvised explosive units.

The Russian Airspace Forces will proceed the operation in opposition to IS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist teams till their full elimination,” he stated.

Victory over ISIS is full, however there stays work left to do earlier than we will say Obama’s legacy has been fully erased.