Study: Prophet Muhammad Warned Of ISIS

According to a examine into the traditions of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad warned in opposition to the rise of ISIS in astonishing element. 

The majority of ISIS’ victims are literally Muslims who resist its ideology and refuse to acknowledge its authority. ISIS has even executed Sunni clerics who reject the group, and Muslim lady who refuse to undergo its worldview. experiences: This function is shared throughout all terrorist teams working within the identify of Islam. The overwhelming majority of the victims of the Taliban, as an illustration, are additionally Muslims. Hundreds of Shia Muslims have been killed simply in the previous few years. And I’ve misplaced many shut buddies in comparable assaults on the Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and even in America.

So when some anti-Islam critics maintain doggedly associating the religion of us Muslims with the acts of our tormentors, we name them out for his or her insensitivity.

I don’t disagree that a part of the motivation for spiritual extremism is rooted in perverted interpretation of scripture by radical extremists. However, it’s dishonest to label the overwhelming majority of Muslims who reject such interpretations as non-devout or “nominal.”

An trustworthy examine of the Quran reveals that teams like ISIS act in full defiance of the injunctions of Islam. The Quran, as an illustration, equates one homicide to the elimination of the entire human race (5:32), and considers persecution and dysfunction on earth as an excellent worse offense (2:217). It lays emphasis on peace, justice and human rights. It champions freedom of conscience and forbids worldly punishment for apostasy and blasphemy.

A examine of the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad additionally demonstrates that he warned us of the rise of spiritual extremism on this age in astonishing element.

1,400 years in the past, he prophesized time would come when nothing would stay of Islam however its identify, nothing of the Quran however its phrase, and that many “Mosques would be splendidly furnished but destitute of guidance” (Mishkatul Masabih). In these latter days, the true religious essence of Islam could be misplaced, and faith, for probably the most half, could be lowered to a ritualistic compulsion. He foretold that the clergy could be corrupt and be a supply of strife throughout these occasions.

How true that is of the extremist clerics in elements of the Muslim world that abuse the pulpit to evangelise division and hate.

He additionally went on to explain terrorist teams equivalent to ISIS that will attempt to hijack the Islamic religion. At this time of dissension, he stated there would seem “a group of young people who would be immature in thought and foolish.” They would communicate stunning phrases however commit probably the most heinous of deeds. They would have interaction in a lot prayer and fasting that the worship of the Muslims would seem insignificant as compared. They would name individuals to the Quran however would don’t have anything to do with it in actuality. The Quran wouldn’t transcend their throats, that means they wouldn’t perceive its essence in any respect, merely regurgitating it selectively. The Prophet then went on to explain these individuals as “the worst of the creation.”

As if this define wasn’t clear sufficient, one other custom within the ebook Kitaab Al Fitan reported by Caliph Ali, the fourth successor to Prophet Muhammad, describes these individuals as having lengthy hair and bearing black flags. Their “hearts will be hard as iron,” and they’d be the companions of a State (Ashab ul Dawla). Interestingly, ISIS refers to itself because the Islamic State or Dawla. The custom additional mentions that they may break their covenants, not communicate the reality and have names that point out their cities. The ISIS caliph, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, involves thoughts.

Prophet Muhammad furiously and painfully described these evildoers, and admonished Muslims to watch out for their evil and struggle it. “Whoever fights them is better to Allah than them,” he proclaimed.

Reflect on this crucial level. Whenever ISIS kills within the identify of Islam, claims to observe the Quran, or makes use of the Holy month of Ramadan to unfold anarchy throughout the globe, know that Prophet Muhammad explicitly warned us of those imposters, and entrusted us to root them out.

The solely individuals who refuse to mirror on this level are ISIS, ISIS sympathizers and anti-Islam extremists who need the world to consider that ISIS is official. Intelligent individuals, in the meantime, see Prophet Muhammad’s prophetic knowledge and thus stay united in opposition to each ignorance and extremism.