Celebrities Told If They Support Trump Hollywood Will Blacklist Them Forever

A Hollywood star has penned an open letter that reveals senior Hollywood executives have ordered Trump supporting stars to not present assist for President Trump – in any other case their careers within the trade can be over.

The extraordinary letter particulars the internal workings of Hollywood, and claims there’s a Marxist cultural agenda being rolled out by the elites who’re working to a multi-year plan.

The star, an actor, explains that he’s “preventing from the within” however claims that he and “a whole lot of different Trump supporters in Hollywood” can not overtly declare their assist for his or her President as a result of it should “breach our contracts… on the very minimal we can be without end blacklisted.

Fortunately, my agent that represents me may be very open about the whole lot and is completely cool with me being a Trump supporter however that’s not sufficient. I contacted my lawyer who mainly gave me the identical recommendation: “If you favor to not have a possible lawsuit in opposition to you, higher not put on your MAGA hat to a public occasion.

“Hollywood isn’t keen on free speech”

If I might solely describe the contempt the elite maintain, it’s astounding. These are NOT Americans, though they fake to be. Their purpose is to form the general public’s opinion of anybody who’s even remotely conservative as a Nazi loving, racist bigot. The irony after all, on show for everybody to see is that Hollywood is the most important bunch of bigots I’ve ever encounter.

“This has grow to be a tradition battle and I feel in the end we lose as a result of politics is downstream from tradition and Hollywood has a grasp on that, whether or not or not you prefer it. So does all of it result in a civil battle?”

The A-lister additionally detailed the plans Hollywood has in place to push forward with their agenda and indoctrinate Americans by way of the platform of fashionable tradition.

Hollywood can also be evolving. Everything is shifting to “new media” as in streaming and YouTube films and so forth. By the tip of subsequent yr, YouTube can have their first streaming sequence, supposedly crammed with plenty of anti-nationalist propaganda. 

“The shit is getting ridiculous, as I heard Steven Spielberg has gotten the green light to go full retard in Indiana Jones. Personally if this rumor is true then I think they are playing a dangerous game. The war is on and it is not going to stop.”

In the tip it’s in regards to the battle for the survival of our Republic and it’s raging like by no means earlier than.”

“When someone like myself cannot even publicly support the President of his own country, you know things are bad. When enforcing laws is branded as “hate” you realize that the commies have infiltrated our nice nation.

“What will it imply in a number of years? Can President Trump flip this nation round or are we too far gone? Will the a whole lot of secret Trump supporters like myself have the ability to have any affect IF we come out and publicly assist him? I don’t know and actually, though issues on the floor appear all cheery and shiny, I feel the most cancers of libtardism is metastasizing.

I would like you all to know that there are various of us within the leisure enterprise, united on this battle for our Republic. Although nonetheless silent, we are going to battle from the within!”