Flu Photographs Will increase Threat Of Infecting Others 6-Fold, Examine Concludes

A bombshell new research revealed in PNAS (Proceedings of the Nationwide Academy of Science) has discovered that individuals are 6.three occasions extra more likely to infect others with the influenza virus if they’ve acquired a flu shot. 

The provocative research detected that topics who acquired the damaging vaccine had abnormally excessive ranges of aerosol shredding of flu virus particles – inserting these round them in danger.

Greenmedinfo.com reviews:  The research discovered that flu carriers exhale vital portions of infectious influenza virus, and that counterintuitively, sneezing is uncommon and never vital for influenza virus aerosolization; neither is coughing required to transmit these particles. Merely respiration will do. Moreover, the research discovered that males shed influenza viruses in higher amount than females via positive aerosols, and ladies cough extra incessantly. However what’s most salient in regards to the research was the next discovering:

“6.three (95% CI 1.9–21.5) occasions extra aerosol shedding amongst circumstances with vaccination within the present and former season in contrast with having no vaccination in these two seasons.”

For extra particulars on the research design learn the next:

“We screened 355 symptomatic volunteers with acute respiratory sickness and report 142 circumstances with confirmed influenza an infection who offered 218 paired nasopharyngeal (NP) and 30-minute breath samples (coarse >5-µm and positive ≤5-µm fractions) on days 1–three after symptom onset. We assessed viral RNA copy quantity for all samples and cultured NP swabs and positive aerosols. 

We recovered infectious virus from 52 (39%) of the positive aerosols and 150 (89%) of the NP swabs with legitimate cultures. The geometric imply RNA copy numbers had been three.eight × 104/30-minutes fine-, 1.2 × 104/30-minutes coarse-aerosol pattern, and eight.2 × 108 per NP swab. Fantastic- and coarse-aerosol viral RNA had been positively related to physique mass index and variety of coughs and negatively related to rising days since symptom onset in adjusted fashions.

Fantastic-aerosol viral RNA was additionally positively related to having influenza vaccination for each the present and prior season. NP swab viral RNA was positively related to higher respiratory signs and negatively related to age however was not considerably related to fine- or coarse-aerosol viral RNA or their predictors. Sneezing was uncommon, and sneezing and coughing weren’t mandatory for infectious aerosol era. Our observations recommend that influenza an infection within the higher and decrease airways are compartmentalized and impartial.”

Clearly, if this discovering is correct and reproducible, flu vaccination may very well make you extra more likely to infect others. Or worse, it might additionally make you extra more likely to contract influenza within the first place. As an example, a 2010 Canadian study which checked out four observational research discovered that 2008-2009 H1N1 vaccination was related to a 1.four to 2.5 fold elevated threat of medically attended H1N1 sickness through the spring-summer 2009.

And that is solely the tip of the iceberg. We now have been reporting on the conspicuous lack of proof for flu vaccine effectiveness (and security) for over a decade, primarily based largely on the underreported failure of the Cochrane Database Evaluate to indicate them efficient (and protected), regardless of a whole lot of industry-funded research which have tried to take action.

Additionally, there are well-documented iatrogenic results of widespread vaccines like MMR and Rotavirus Vaccines, which embody viral shedding and an infection following vaccination. In different phrases, there’s a vital physique of proof that the vaccinated really infect the un- vaccinated.

Clearly, this undermines the continued marketing campaign to determine non-vaccinating or anti-vaccine people and teams as a menace, or hazard to others.  Mockingly, the very group being blamed for infecting others — together with by Invoice Gates who declared non-vaccinators ‘kill kids’ — could grow to be victims of being contaminated by vaccine-specific strains of viruses that are far worse than the pure/wild-type variations our species’ immunity has developed with over numerous millenia.