Geologists Uncover Know-how That Belonged To Superior Historic Civilization

Geologists in Turkey have uncovered monitor marks left by autos they are saying belonged to a sophisticated historic civilization from 14 million years in the past.

Russian geologist Alexander Koltypin says he believes the mysterious markings that stretch alongside the Phrygian Valley, in central Turkey, have been made by a extremely smart race between 12 to 14 million years in the past. reviews: “We will assume that historic autos with “wheels” have been pushed into the delicate floor, maybe a moist floor,” mentioned the geologist. “Due to the good weight of those autos, they left behind very deep grooves which ultimately petrified and changed into proof.”

Geologists are acquainted with such phenomena as they’ve discovered petrified footprints of dinosaurs that have been preserved in the identical means.

Along with three colleagues, Dr. Koltypin, director of the Pure Science Scientific Analysis Centre at Moscow’s Worldwide Unbiased Ecological-Political College, traveled to the location in Anatolia, Turkey the place these markings might be discovered. Upon coming back from his journey, he described the noticed as ‘petrified monitoring ruts in rocky tuffaceous [made from compacted volcanic ash] deposits’.

Dr. Koltypin mentioned: ‘All these rocky fields have been coated with the ruts left some tens of millions of years in the past….we’re not speaking about human beings.’

‘We’re coping with some form of automobiles or all-terrain autos. The pairs of ruts are crossing one another occasionally and a few ruts are deeper than the others,’ he added.

In keeping with Dr. Koltypin these mysterious ruts are between 12 to 14 million years outdated.

‘The methodology of specifying the age of volcanic rocks may be very well-studied and labored out,’ he mentioned.

Dr. Koltypin is one in all few consultants that really consider that science wants to vary their strategy to completely different issues. He believes that there are lots of archaeologists who keep away from touching this matter since it could smash all basic theories.

‘As a geologist, I can definitely inform you that unknown antediluvian [pre-Biblical] all-terrain autos drove round Central Turkey some 12-to-14 million years in the past.’ mentioned Dr. Koltypin.

He mentioned: ‘I feel we’re seeing the indicators of the civilization which existed earlier than the basic creation of this world. Perhaps the creatures of that pre-civilisation weren’t like fashionable human beings. ‘

In keeping with Dr. Koltypin and plenty of different archaeologists and consultants which have adopted new methods of pondering these historic “automotive tracks” are one of many best-preserved items of proof which undoubtedly show the existence of extremely superior historic civilizations that inhabited our planet within the distant previous.

“There was no understandable system for the tracks however the distance between every pair of tracks ‘is all the time the identical,” added Dr. Koltypin.

‘The utmost depth of a rut is about three toes (one meter). On the perimeters of ruts, there might be seen horizontal scratches, it appears like they have been left by the ends of the axles used for historic wheels.
‘We discovered many ruts with such scratches,’ he mentioned.

Is it attainable that Dr. Koltypin is true? And is it attainable that mainstream scientists have ignored these large items of proof in hopes of preserving their basic and outdated pondering strategies? Is it attainable that mainstream consultants are afraid of adopting a brand new strategy to historic historical past? There are a lot of who consider that with a basic strategy, science is changing into much less goal.