Hillary Supporters Deface Christopher Columbus Statues

Hillary Clinton supporters have been filmed defacing statues of Christopher Columbus in New Jersey, in the course of the ladies’s march protests this weekend.

A Columbus statue in Trenton’s Chambersburg neighborhood grew to become the fourth such statue to be vandalized in a matter of days.

Mr-mehra.com experiences: Lawmakers, officers and residents mentioned the colonizer’s place in American historical past on Columbus Day in October.

Many lumped Columbus and his statues in with different historic figures that have been being defaced throughout the nation due to their ties to slavery and marginalization of sure racial teams.

Others, like Andre’ DiMino, an government board member of the Bloomfield-based Italian American One Voice Coalition, argued he created a bridge between two worlds.

“He was no angel, however his efforts and his experience opened up the New World to the settling that occurred,” DiMino mentioned.

A letter left on the statue in Trenton’s Columbus Park titled “F–ok your new world” explains that the writers really feel communities might be damage by “progress that’s shortly swallowing neighborhoods throughout the nation.”

The observe additionally says the group will probably be performing on Columbus statues all through the state. It was signed, “Lovingly, NJ Anti-Facists.”

A statue in Dahnert’s Lake County Park in Garfield and two in Camden County have been additionally splattered with purple paint in some unspecified time in the future within the final 4 days.