Hollywood Insider: Bill Cosby Was Framed By Elite To Stop Him Buying NBC

Hollywood insider has come ahead alleging that Bill Cosby was framed with rape allegations with a view to stop him from shopping for TV community NBC.

Cosby, referred to as “America’s Dad”, is standing trial for aggravated sexual assault in Pittsburgh, and has responded to allegations that he drugged and sexually abused ladies with fierce denials.

The Hollywood insider says that Bill Cosby grew to become such a risk to the institution elite that they needed to invent the vilest of accusations in opposition to him with a view to destroy his profession.

The accusers are ladies who’ve labored with the Illuminati previously and had been paid to state they’re victims of rape. Only one in all Cosby’s accusers leveled accusations in opposition to him throughout the statute of limitations (twelve years), and the others, in response to the Hollywood insider, are opportunists who’ve been paid off to smear Cosby’s repute and destroy his profession.

Although the authorized system is not going to enable the opposite ladies to take legal motion in opposition to Cosby, they do have the choice of searching for additional monetary reward by suing him in civil court docket.

The spewers of this hate are all fabricators. Moreover, with out exception they’re suppose “victims” of Bill Cosby. Moreover, what excessive hate they’re spewing, all underneath the guise of righteous indignation, all underneath the safety of the Illuminati who already management a big portion of the worldwide media from the music business to tv.

It must be famous that Whoopi Goldberg has defended Mr. Cosby, asking for onerous proof of the claims. Few if any others have performed so, upholding the false witnesses or at the least exhibiting sympathy, tolerating their claims.

All these so known as “victims are paid large amounts of money to make this wild and outrageous claims about Bill Cosby” say the Hollywood insider. But why? And why make these allegations now? The star says Bill Cosby, NBC’s largest star of the 80’s, was attempting to purchase the tv community from its present proprietor, the General Electric Company.

Norman Brokaw, the chief government of the William Morris Agency and Mr. Cosby’s private agent for 30 years, confirmed that he had mentioned Cosby’s intention to make a suggestion for NBC with Robert C. Wright, the community’s president. Illuminati leaders who management NBC would lose management of the tv firm if Bill Cosby bought it and the one approach to cease the acquisition was to smash Bill Cosby.

They concocted the pretend rape allegations.

With no onerous proof the Illuminati had succeeded in destroying Bill Cosby’s picture. One of the unique accusers, a Wilhelmina Model, has since admitted that she was paid to destroy Bill’s repute.