Iran: US Relocating ISIS To Afghanistan To Justify It’s Navy Presence There

Iran’s supreme chief Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says that the US has been relocating ISIS from the Center East to it’s neighboring nation to rationalize its army presence within the area.

By transferring the phobia group from Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan, the US is looking for “to justify the continuation of its presence within the area and to create safety for the Zionist regime,” he mentioned on Tuesday.


Khamenei additionally expressed remorse over the deaths of Afghan civilians killed in ISIS terror assaults.

Press TV stories: The US and its allies invaded Afghanistan below the guise of the warfare on terror. Some 17 years on, the native Taliban militant group has solely boosted its marketing campaign of violence throughout the nation, concentrating on each civilians and safety forces in bloody assaults.

Extra lately, Daesh has additionally taken benefit of the chaos and established a foothold in japanese and northern Afghanistan. The Takfiri outfit has additionally stepped up its terror assaults within the war-torn nation regardless of the presence of hundreds of overseas troops there.

Bearing on the bloodbath of a whole lot of individuals by the hands of Daesh terrorists in Afghanistan in current months, the Chief acknowledged, “The identical fingers that created Daesh as a instrument to oppress individuals in Syria and Iraq and perform crimes towards them are right this moment looking for to switch Daesh to Afghanistan after its defeats there.”

The current killings in Afghanistan, the Chief, mentioned characterize an early stage in such a scheme.

“To the US-backed terrorists, Shia and Sunni [Muslims] aren’t any totally different, and civilians, together with Shias and Sunnis, are their goal,” Ayatollah Khamenei added.

Ayatollah Khamenei described the People “as the primary supply of insecurity in Afghanistan,” including that Washington’s proxies have been instantly or not directly concerned within the killings perpetrated within the nation over the previous 20 years within the identify of faith.

The People, he mentioned, need to advance their very own political and financial agendas by way of destabilizing Afghanistan.

The US additionally seeks to maintain regional governments and nations busy with their very own points so they may not consider countering Zionism, the Chief emphasised.