“Miracle” Of Wi-fi Electrical energy Hides Century Of Abusing Human Race In The Title Of Energy

Strategic Investor has simply made a relatively breathlessly excited report concerning the unbelievable potential of “nano-crystal electrical energy” – a approach to transmit electrical energy with out ANY wires.

Gadgets will not want plugs, homes will not want ring mains, the panorama will not be affected by cables, and an unbelievable new world of Freedom is onrushing in direction of us over the horizon.

And naturally, I fully welcome this revolution. The world should progress from the unsustainable doom the expertise of the 20th century will inflict upon us if we proceed to depend on it by way of the 21st!

However as ever, the overall inhabitants are handled as a species of fungus, stored in darkish and ate up manure! As a result of the reality about this expertise miracle is a historical past of secret scandal on a mind-blowing scale.

That is NOT “new” expertise! Couldn’t be farther from the reality! For a begin, CNN, of all folks, reported on this “breakthrough” 4 years in the past.

And this was actively demonstrated virtually 10 years in the past through TED TALKS:

There may be solely ONE actual breakthrough right here. The “official” approval of the FDA breaking the bureaucratic barrier that has stopped the world having this expertise, and as Eric Giler admitted initially of his TED TALK, virtually 10 years in the past, it was TESLA who proved the idea within the early 1900’s!

Nikola Tesla is a reputation of genius, the unconventional inventor who created the alternating present system that has powered the world during the last century. However Tesla himself stated his best mistake was in having TWO concepts of profound genius. He made electrical programs attainable, however he didn’t rely on the greed of man and lust for management. Whereas Edison liked his AC/DC system to make electrical energy sensible, the thought folks wouldn’t want firms to entry that electrical energy made Tesla a menace that needed to be destroyed. And that’s simply what occurred.

^This was TESLA’s prototype WIRELESS broadcast tower inbuilt 1904, and viciously wrecked by each the lies and thugs of Thomas Edison, who destroyed Tesla’s status and left him to die in abject poverty after stealing every part from him. These patents have been stored from the world for over 100 years ON PURPOSE!

Examine Tesla’s life right here.

And but right here we’re coming as much as the third decade within the 21st Century, and it appears the temper is altering in direction of lastly seeing Tesla’s imaginative and prescient introduced into fruition. Elon Musk instantly honoured Tesla by naming his driverless electrical automotive firm after him, Tesla Motors.

What are the true implications, past home comfort, of this expertise?

In a world obsessive about limitations, because it has been by way of the oil age, not sufficient for all, not sufficient to go round, the thought has been the world will “run out of power” and plenty of prophets of doom have predicted civilisation’s collapse “when oil runs out”. Certainly we can not excuse the harm attributable to oil expertise nor fail to recognise the phrase “finite” has a strict which means.

However the universe is nothing BUT power, in several types of “solidity” together with “strong matter”. The power the solar casts off each second makes a mockery of the power wanted to energy human civilisation for a century. Wi-fi transmission energy has revolutionary implications when mixed with house based mostly power assortment – limitless free power in complete abundance.

Because the 5G satellite tv for pc community prepares to mission AI throughout your complete globe, we enter a brand new period the place the sign turns into all: each info and emancipation. However will this actually liberate folks? Or will this energy expertise as an alternative be used to enslave humanity extra completely than ever earlier than?

Now we see the reality that the century of WIRED electrical expertise was by no means about electrical energy in any respect! It was about POLITICAL energy. By making a community upon which all progress was dependant, Edison seized huge energy for himself and the industrialists of a century in the past, which have turn into the globalist technocrats of at present.

The battle for the way forward for humanity and freedom requires all us to recognise we should not make the errors of the previous, once more.

The reality, because it often is, is relatively easy.

There isn’t a power disaster. There by no means has been. There was a intentionally manufactured political energy disaster, for it’s “they” who’ve managed the world by making a fantasy of lack and limitation.

Whereas I wholeheartedly endorse the roll-out of this completely important expertise, I don’t achieve this with eyes closed to the legacy of the previous. I heartily suggest you do the identical. If sufficient folks perceive the true scope and background to wi-fi electrical energy, there’s a much better world to be received.