Rob Schneider Got Trolled By Democrats, His Response Is Perfect

Sick and tired of Democrats trolling him on Twitter, Rob Schneider decided to engage the snowflakes in the kind of real talk they have spent their life avoiding.

Fed up to the back teeth with liberals whining about the election and making excuses for Hillary Clinton’s loss, Rob Schneider took to Twitter to deliver a message to delusional Democrats: “It’s not Russia, it’s you.

While Democrats living in their liberal echo chamber may have received the shock of their life when Hillary Clinton lost the election, nobody else was surprised. As Schneider points out, the Democratic Party has been on a losing streak for years. The country has been slowly turning against them since 2010.

2010 Dems lost the House, 2012 Dems lost the Senate, 2016 Dems lost the White House, 2017 Dems lost ability to reason, It’s not Russia, it’s YOU,” Schneider tweeted Wednesday.

It’s hard to argue with the former Saturday Night Live star. Months after the election, liberal snowflakes are still searching for excuses as to why they lost the election, blaming Russia, even though nobody has produced a scintilla of evidence to support the accusation, and refusing to accept that the Democrats fielded a flawed, corrupt candidate whose worm-eaten campaign was riddled with hypocrisy and lies.

Rob Schneider was a lifelong Democrat, before abandoning the party the party that “horrified” him.

As a lifelong Democrat I am horrified by what’s happening in this state with the Democrat Supermajority now in the legislature in California,” Schneider told the Washington Times in a 2013 interview.

The San Francisco native said he loves living and working in his home state, but blamed “the Democrats’ failed policies” for destabilizing the nation.