Royal Astronomer Warns Robots Will Wipe Out Humanity & Take Over

Royal astronomer Sir Martin Rees has warned that robots will wipe out people and take over in only a few centuries.

He believes that ‘intelligent’ machine life will ultimately exchange humanity and even predicts that their reign may final billions of years past human life on Earth.

Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, together with different scientists have already signed an open letter warning that with out safeguards on clever robots, mankind might be heading for a really darkish future.

Life on Earth has already taken billions of years to evolve, from the proteins and nucleic acids that had been the constructing blocks of life by means of to extra complicated mammals and homo sapiens.

But machine intelligence has developed at such an excessive tempo, that Sir Martin believes the chances are alien life may also take this manner.

He sees humanity’s time on the planet as a particularly temporary transitional part, between primordial natural life and the period of the machines – what he phrases a ‘post-human’ future.

The cosmologist argues this might prolong for billions of years into the longer term, notably if machines are in a position to discover house free from the confines of needing a planet, it’s environment and biosphere to maintain them.

And – if we do encounter beings from one other planet – it is going to both take the type of extra primitive lifeforms or extraordinarily superior machine intelligence.

Speaking to The Conversation, Sir Martin mentioned: ‘My guess is that if we do detect an alien intelligence, will probably be nothing like us. It will probably be some type of digital entity.

‘The time frame occupied by natural intelligence is only a skinny sliver between formative years and the lengthy period of the machines.

‘Because such civilisations would develop at completely different charges, it’s extraordinarily unlikely that we are going to discover clever life on the identical stage of improvement as us.

‘More likely, that life will still be either far simpler, or an already fully electronic intelligence.’

As to the impression of contact with aliens, Sir Martin believes that that is unlikely – at the very least in our present kind.

The Cambridge professor emeritus believes that whereas we could possibly peer additional out into house, travelling to distant worlds will stay out of our attain till we enter the post-human period.

In his interview with The Conversation, he added: ‘The journey instances are simply too nice for mortal minds and our bodies.

‘If you’re immortal, nevertheless, these distances develop into far much less daunting.

‘That journey will be made by robots, not us.’