Secret Service Agent: Obama Wiretapping Scandal To ‘Explode’ This Week

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino claims that the Obama wiretapping scandal goes to “blow wide open” this week.

According to Bongino, the mainstream media is making an enormous mistake in mistakingly assuming that the Obamagate scandal will fizzle into nothing.

Bongino labored for former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama within the Presidential Protection Division.

In a Facebook Live video, Bongino claims that the media desires to push the story that Trump “pressured the FBI” to inform him in regards to the wiretap or that the president is mendacity.

Bongino explains that Trump’s Secret Service safety most likely did digital countermeasure sweeps to examine for listening gadgets and located the bugs.

According to the previous Secret Service Agent, America goes to seek out out the reality in regards to the wiretapping state of affairs this week.