A Poll Has Come Out And It’s BAD NEWS For Lizzy Warren!

I worked at a bookstore back in my younger days that had a small coffee shop in it; I grew up in a small town so a lot of things were actually two different things in one building.

Anyway, it was my job to work the register at the bookstore and help people pick things out. It was not my job to sit on the coffee shop side of the building and drink coffee all day. Had I done that, I probably would have gotten fired very quickly.

That’s what Lizzy Warren is doing. She is sitting in the coffee shop when she should be stocking the damn books…

Liberal icon Elizabeth Warren has emerged as the scourge of the Trump administration, grilling the president’s Cabinet nominees at every chance and coming out against Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch within minutes of his nomination.

The moves are what one might expect from a presidential aspirant. But Warren, who is placed in the top tier of likely Democratic 2020 candidates in very-early polls, first has to keep her Massachusetts Senate seat. It’s not a sure thing.

According to a WBUR poll, just 44 percent of state voters think she deserves re-election, while a plurality – 46 percent – believes she doesn’t deserve a second term. Overall, Warren has a 51 percent favorability rating in the deep blue state.

Republicans are ready to pounce – looking not only to reclaim the seat held, briefly, by GOP Sen. Scott Brown, but potentially sideline a future White House contestant.

“She is absolutely vulnerable. When she should be working for the people of the state, she is spending her time antagonizing the president,” Massachusetts Republican state Rep. Geoff Diehl, who is considering a 2018 Senate run, told Fox News. “She might as well be running for chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.”