Berkeley Protestors Linked To Pro-Pedophilia Group

Left-wing activists behind the spate of anti-free speech riots at Berkeley have ties to distinguished U.S. pro-pedophilia organizations, in line with a brand new report. 

According to an explosive investigation, The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights, and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary — additionally identified merely as BAMN – have labored with organizations that actively marketing campaign to legalize little one rape. BAMN is the left-wing militant group who’ve waged an aggressive marketing campaign to violently protest conservatives akin to Milo Yiannopoulos and Anne Coulter from talking at Universities. reviews:

BAMN’s dad or mum group labored instantly with the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) within the years simply earlier than it based BAMN, in line with NAMBLA paperwork reviewed by The Daily Caller. In addition, a member of that dad or mum group mentioned to have based BAMN is an admitted member of NAMBLA, which she has described because the sufferer of a “witch-hunt.”

BAMN, which didn’t return a cellphone name and voicemail searching for remark, was based by the Revolutionary Workers League, a small, Detroit-based Marxist group. Many of BAMN’s main members over time have additionally been RWL members.

“The Revolutionary Workers League is a Trotskyist organization of which I’m a member,” Luke Massie, one among BAMN’s founders instructed the Michigan Daily in 2001. “We are proud to have played a part in a whole lot of struggles and to have played a role in the founding of BAMN.”

An nameless group of researchers supplied TheDC with copies of inner NAMBLA publications from the 1990’s. The web sleuths requested anonymity, citing worry of retaliation by BAMN members, and requested as a substitute to be collectively known as, “The shadowy and/or mysterious organization known as Antifaleaks.”

The University of Michigan’s Joseph Labadie Special Collection maintains copies of the NAMBLA paperwork.

NAMBLA’s November-December 1991 bulletin, reviewed by TheDC, described at one among its conferences the “participation of Revolutionary Workers League, a Trotskyite group centered in the Detroit area. RWL is supportive of gay rights in general and NAMBLA in particular.” The journal contained particulars of the group’s conferences and actions, in addition to detailed, erotic tales about bare younger boys.

The bulletin famous that “a number of proposals were put forward by the Revolutionary Workers League” on the NAMBLA convention.

Four of these proposals had been adopted as positions by NAMBLA:

  1. “Abolish all age-based curfews.”
  2. “Children shall have the right to ‘divorce’ their parents.”
  3. “Lower the voting age and extend the right to vote and hold office to all politically active youth.”
  4. “Children and youth must be provided non moralistic, explicit, sex-positive – including lesbian/gay positive – sex education that includes safe sex education. Condoms, latex barriers and contraceptives in appropriate smaller sizes must be distributed in all schools.”

The 1992 version of the pro-pedophilia bulletin additionally famous the participation of RWL, which was described as a “NAMBLA ally.”

Shanta Driver, described by the Capital Research Center as BAMN’s founder and co-chair, was affiliated with RWL as early as 1983, in line with the Workers Vanguard, a communist publication. She additionally recognized herself to the Los Angeles Times as an activist with RWL in late 1995 whereas protesting in Berkeley.

Driver argued earlier than the Supreme Court on behalf of BAMN as lately as 2013.

Driver’s former legislation accomplice, Eileen Scheff — who has represented BAMN on a number of events, together with on the Supreme Court — has been a self-described “member of NAMBLA.” The bulletin recognized Scheff as an RWL member.

Additionally, Scheff has been recognized as a founding father of BAMN.

Peter Schmidt, a senior author for the Chronicle of Higher Education, wrote in a ebook for which Scheff was interviewed that she “helped found” BAMN, along with serving as its authorized counsel. “Affirmative action was built by people taking direct militant action,” she instructed Schmidt, explaining BAMN’s riotous method to activism.

At a 1991 NAMBLA press convention, Scheff denounced the “witch-hunt” in opposition to pedophiles.

“As an activist in the legal and political struggle for lesbian/gay rights and for freedom of sexual expression, I am here to support NAMBLA and to demand that the witch-hunt against it must be stopped,” Scheff mentioned on the convention. “The media and police are targeting NAMBLA because it stands for the rights of young people to have consensual sex with whomever they want.”

“Denying youth their sexuality or driving sexual expression deeper and deeper underground will not stop child molestation,” Scheff added. She referred to as for “youth-controlled centers where they can freely socialize and enjoy safe, consensual sex.”

“I call on all progressive people in the lesbian/gay community, in the women’s movement, and in the community at large to defend NAMBLA and its right to advocate for consensual sex regardless of age, and to unite our forces to make a fight for the real solutions to sexual coercion and abuse,” Scheff mentioned.

A Thursday cellphone name to Scheff’s workplace was not returned as a result of, in line with her voicemail, she is in a foreign country till May 5. She additionally didn’t return an e-mail searching for remark.

BAMN has led the resistance in opposition to conservatives and Trump supporters in Berkeley and elsewhere in California.

Last June, BAMN organizer Yvette Felarca, a public faculty trainer, was captured on video assaulting a protester exterior a white nationalist group’s rally in Sacramento.

Seven folks had been stabbed within the clashes between the white nationalists and self-described “anti-fascists.”

“The goal today was to shut down the Nazis’ recruitment rally and I want to congratulate everyone who came out today because we succeeded in doing exactly that,” Felarca mentioned in an interview afterward. “We defeated them and they had to run away hiding behind the police.” She credited their victory to the “militant, integrated, direct action of the people who came out.”

“BAMN mobilized to get people out here and shut them down,” she admitted. “For us, there’s no free speech for fascists…Nazis and fascists are dangerous and must be stopped and shut down by any means necessary.”

The group utilized those self same techniques in organizing protests in opposition to right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, who was scheduled to talk at University of California – Berkeley in February. The group deemed Yiannopoulos a fascist. His speech was cancelled after rioters assaulted suspected Trump supporters and set the campus ablaze.

After Felarca confronted a backlash for her open disdain for conservative free speech in a Fox News interview with Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson, Driver held a press convention with Felarca, railing in opposition to her critics, who Driver mentioned organized a “witch hunt” in opposition to Felarca.

BAMN was additionally among the many left-wing teams that attacked attendees of a conservative free speech rally on April 15, in line with an area Berkeley newspaper, which famous: “BAMN was in the middle of the melee at all three of the recent rallies, including the Feb. 2 Yiannopolous protest.”

Most lately, BAMN efficiently compelled the cancellation of conservative commentator Ann Coulter’s speech on the UC-Berkeley because of security issues.

“Our basic thing is to send a loud and clear message that this is not acceptable on our campus,” Hoku Jeffrey, a BAMN organizer, instructed The New York Times earlier than Coulter’s speech was cancelled. “We will not tolerate anti-immigrant bigotry or bigotry of any kind, which is the only thing she’s here to do.”

BAMN has a historical past of co-opting youth into its activist targets.

The Capital Research Center, a D.C.-based analysis nonprofit, famous in a report on BAMN: “In Michigan in 2006, several hundred BAMN activists stomped on the floor and shouted obscenities to disrupt a meeting of the state’s Board of Canvassers, which had gathered to certify a ballot initiative allowing voters to decide whether to ban government race and gender-based preference policies. BAMN bussed in Detroit high school students whose chants drowned out speakers.”

In 2005, the NAACP criticized BAMN for profiting from black middle- and high-school college students so as to add to their numbers.

“Some of them didn’t even know why they were there – they were just there as tokens, so people would see a large number of black students,” Alex Moffet, then-president of the NAACP mentioned, including that BAMN was “just perpetuating untruths about young black students. As a community, we find that totally unacceptable.”

In 2005, the FBI put BAMN on an inventory of organizations doubtlessly concerned in terroristic actions. The ACLU publicly blasted the FBI in protection of BAMN, which the ACLU mentioned was solely participating in “peaceful protest activities.”