Bill Nye The Fake Science Guy Claims ‘Transgenderism Is Evolution’

Bill Nye “the science guy” who preaches that fluoride, pesticides, GMOs and vaccines are all protected, is now instructing that “transgenderism is evolution.

Abandoning any remaining shreds of dignity or scientific credibility, Bill Nye has teamed with Rachel Bloom and launched a vulgar, cringeworthy, anti-scientific “transgender anthem” referred to as Sex Junk proclaims transgenderism is evolution in motion, and that there is no such thing as a science to gender.

The video hasn’t carried out effectively on YouTube. It has obtained over 30,000 dislikes and solely 400 likes, rating it among the many most unpopular movies of all time.

Bill Nye has grow to be the laughing inventory of the world together with his new Netflix present ridiculously entitled, Bill Nye Saves the World.

Once claiming to consider in science, Bill Nye has gone all-in for the lunatic leftist anti-science narrative of transgenderism, which contradicts over a century of genetic science and has been dubbed the “Flat Earth theory of genetics.”

Natural News stories:

The music’s lyrics, which promote the whacked-out delusion that human intercourse expression isn’t binary, embody traces like, “Sex the way you need, it’s your goddamn proper.”

Another line from the vulgar music goes like this, whereas Bill Nye gyrates within the background:

This world of ours is so stuffed with alternative. But should I select between solely John or Joyce? Are my choices solely laborious or moist? My vagina has its personal voice.”

The music goes on to say that transgenderism is all a part of “evolution” … an assertion that has actual “science guys” cringing in every single place.

After the cringe-worthy music completed, Bill Nye sums up his lunacy by stating, “That’s precisely the suitable message, Rachel, good job!” If Charles Darwin had been nonetheless alive at the moment, he would little doubt squash Bill Nye with an enormous Galapagos tortoise.

Keep in thoughts this was all bankrolled by Netflix, which is now totally invested within the manufacturing and dissemination of completely delusional Left-wing narratives rooted in “Flat Earth” science fairly than genetic actuality.

Remember, to consider in transgenderism — truly a type of psychosis — it’s important to consider in “magical thinking.”

Will Bill Nye develop a vagina and name for the elimination of genetics schooling in public colleges?

Thanks to science clowns like Bill Nye, it received’t be lengthy now earlier than left-wing science lunatics begin calling for the removing of all genetics schooling from faculty textbooks as a result of the science of genetics contradicts the lunacy of the transgenderism delusion.

Perhaps Bill Nye will develop a vagina on reside tv to display his principle of “spontaneous genetic transmutation” which he implies permits a organic man to remodel into a girl by waving a magic wand.

Seriously, if Bill Nye can transmute all his XY chromosomes into XX on reside TV — and make his penis vanish into skinny air — I promise to rethink my complete understanding of gene expression.

With this push for transgenderism, Bill Nye has grow to be a humiliation to actual science. He additionally demonstrates to the entire world why each narrative pushed by what I name “religious science fundamentalism” — together with vaccines, local weather change, GMOs and pesticides — is rooted in both sheer lunacy or company propaganda.

Remember: The man telling you that GMOs, vaccines and fluoride are all protected is similar man who thinks males can rework into ladies by wishing actually laborious. Yeah, that’s the brand new “science” being pushed by Bill Nye.

What’s much more unhappy and pathetic in all that is the way it’s now abundantly clear that Bill Nye was required to go all-in for each lunatic delusion of the Left with a purpose to get funding for his Netflix collection which additionally pushes poisonous vaccines, lethal herbicide chemical compounds, unsafe GMOs and each corporate-backed science narrative conceivable.

Instead of holding the road on authentic science, Bill Nye determined one thing like, “Screw it, I could use the publicity” and deserted any final shred of scientific credibility he may need had. He now apparently believes that transgenderism is “evolution.”

Now, he’s simply the laughing inventory of the world, and he’s truly making it even simpler for the remainder of us actual skeptics (like myself) to discredit the false narratives behind the local weather change hoax, poisonous vaccines, unsafe GMOs, lethal pesticides, mind damaging fluoride and all the remainder.

Please, Bill Nye, make one other lunatic anti-science video within the title of your twisted “science.” Perhaps subsequent you’ll be able to denounce ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, too, and save us all from having to review covalent bonds.