CIA: We Have Spies In Each Single Newspaper

New York Instances journalist Joel Whitney has uncovered proof that the CIA infiltrated each main newspaper world wide on the finish of 1997. 

In keeping with Whitney, each newspaper in each world capital on Earth has at the least one agent embedded throughout the newsroom, killing tales and pumping propaganda items that painting the CIA in a positive approach.

Failed Evolution experiences: James Jesus Angleton was a part of this post-OSS group that understood how essential spying and covert ops had been in World Battle II. And from there, he makes every kind of horrible errors. He and his group believed primarily that they wanted to do higher propaganda than the Soviets did, and one of many ways in which they thought they might do it higher was to do it subtly and, you may say, secretly.

So, when this program is threatened with publicity in ‘64, ‘65, ‘66 and ‘67 via varied sources like Ramparts and The New York Instances, this privilege of secrecy that they loved was not one thing that they had been prepared to surrender. So you could have one thing that’s described as comparatively benign, this funding of tradition via the Congress for Cultural Freedom, a funding of scholar actions via the Nationwide Scholar Affiliation, the funding of labor unions that may be much less communist-influenced than the communist-dominated ones that they presumed had been on the market. These had been seen as benign solutions. They had been reactions to Soviet penetration. So, secrecy is a key to creating them work.

So, even if you wish to make the argument that, for example, the Congress for Cultural Freedom by no means censored its magazines–which I feel has been severely disproved; they did censor. Even should you needed to say that they revealed all kinds of nice writers–which clearly they did; that was a part of the subtlety of it and a part of the brilliance of it, and a part of the soft-power appeal of it. Even should you needed to say all that, when the secrecy is uncovered by sincere accounting within the media, the fourth property, the adversarial media of American bragging world wide, they’re so hooked up to their secrecy, and so upset, the CIA group led by individuals like Angleton, that they commit one thing that’s about as anti-American as something in our system. Which is: extra secrecy, extra media penetration to the purpose of penetrating, first, the anti-Vietnam Battle press; second, the scholar, the faculty scholar newspapers and press; the choice, so-called, press. Which primarily is a license to do what they did later. So, the place Ramparts was penetrated, results in Operation Chaos, presumably; that results in Operation Mockingbird within the seventies.

By the point we now have Carl Bernstein reporting on Operation Mockingbird, and John Crewdson reporting on its worldwide equal within the New York Instances–Bernstein in Rolling Stone–you primarily see the CIA making an attempt to have at the least one agent at each main information and media group it may well do on this planet.

And Crewdson reporting within the Instances on the finish of 1977 primarily says that that they had one agent or contract agent at a newspaper in each world capital on Earth. They may get tales killed or get tales to run that portrayed the CIA’s views in a positive approach, or kill them if they didn’t.