DEA Pushes Drugs And Steals Cash To Fight A Losing War

The DEA just isn’t resolving the drug downside in America.

The company is enjoying each side of the fence within the drug trafficking world and has morphed into a drug overlord.

It is not only concerned in controlling the provision aspect of medicine but additionally the demand aspect of the equation, giving it powers that South American drug lords can solely dream about.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has not denied letting medicine into communities and promoting them to residents.

Meanwhile folks on their option to commemorate Bob Marley are being unjustly fleeced on highways for funding.

The DEA, tasked with implementing federal authorities’s prohibition on medicine, is definitely trafficking massive portions of medicine for the ostensible objective of catching larger drug sellers, or simply to steal money from folks.

The Free Thought Project:

When Richard Nixon determined to convey the War on Drugs into full pressure, he signed Reorganization Plan No. 2, in 1973, which established the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). For many years, the DEA has carried out a conflict on folks because it enforces the mindless, unjust prohibition of arbitrary substances.

Government ruins numerous lives – locking folks in cages for years or life, tearing aside households – for victimless “crimes” similar to possessing hashish or different “illicit” medicine. In a obtrusive instance of hypocirsy, nonetheless, the DEA is instructing Americans a telling lesson —you’re not imagined to promote or possess substances which are deemed unlawful by the State, except you’re employed for the State.

In a latest House Judiciary Committee Hearing, the DEA’s performing director, Chuck Rosenberg, was caught off-guard by a query and tacitly admitted that his company sells medicine and lets medicine movement into communities. The ostensible objective is to catch larger drug sellers, however Rosenberg couldn’t even summon the standard bureaucratic doublespeak to deal with the problem.

Louisiana Rep. Cedric L. Richmond was questioning Rosenberg on the listening to.

RICHMOND: This committee held many hearings, and was livid in regards to the Fast and Furious program. At least from my information of DEA and different drug businesses, oftentimes a part of a much bigger sting is letting transactions and different issues undergo. Now, it’s a really particular query. In DEA’s previous, current, future, any occasions do you let medicine hit communities to get the larger fish?

ROSENBERG: We’re not imagined to – no, sir.

RICHMOND: Okay. Are you conscious of any situations the place it might occur?

ROSENBERG: I’ll need to test and get again to you on that.

Rosenberg’s first reply was truly, “We’re not supposed to – no, sir.” However, this doesn’t change the truth of the state of affairs that DEA lets medicine movement into communities and truly sells medicine. Rosenberg didn’t deny it, as a result of denying it could quantity to mendacity.

As the Washington Post notes, DEA’s drug trafficking happens by undercover brokers and the usage of confidential informants.

DEA catches small-time drug customers or sellers and threatens jail and different punishments, except the topic agrees to work for the federal government as a confidential informant. The DEA then has the frightened topics have interaction in “otherwise illegal activity,” having them pose as consumers or sellers of medicine.

DEA is “trafficking in what could be thought-about as massive portions of managed substances,” as a 2015 Dept. of Justice Inspector General report famous. That report additionally acknowledged: “These inadequate DEA policies and procedures related to OIA greatly increase the risk to the DEA, the U.S. government, and the public from the involvement of DEA confidential sources in OIA.”

Indeed, the risk to the general public is well documented, as a few of these coerced into changing into informants find yourself murdered. In one heartbreaking case, Rachel Hoffman – a younger faculty graduate whose “crime” was smoking pot – was shot and killed after cops coerced her into going undercover for a big drug deal.

No one actually is aware of the dimensions of DEA drug trafficking, because the company doesn’t launch this data, however exterior consultants say the DEA sells medicine on a routine foundation.

Even extra infuriating is the truth that DEA and legislation enforcement let medicine movement into communities for the only real objective of seizing money and property underneath the insidious observe of civil asset forfeiture, or policing for profit. As we reported on March 30, the DEA has stolen $three.2 billion over the previous decade – from folks by no means charged with against the law. Drug job forces work the highways the place they know money travels, as a substitute of the particular drug routes.

“We are deliberately letting the drugs get to their final destination, get sold, get used, and in some cases letting someone die of an overdose,” mentioned Brady Henderson of the ACLU.

So let’s get this straight. The DEA, tasked with implementing federal authorities’s prohibition on medicine, is definitely trafficking massive portions of medicine for the ostensible objective of catching larger drug sellers, or simply to steal money from folks. After many years of the depressing drug conflict, medicine and drug use are nonetheless as prevalent as ever, so the conflict on medicine clearly just isn’t working.

But the DEA nonetheless funnels massive portions of medicine into communities, though their success price at combating drug use is ZERO as drug overdoses are at an all time excessive. What, then, might probably be the rationale for persevering with?

The thrill of exerting energy over the populace is one reply. Continuing the oppression of minorities and dissenters is one other. The billions of stolen from harmless folks is definitely an incentive to proceed. Protecting the earnings of Big Pharma is one other reply to this puzzling irrationality.

The DEA was just lately caught intentionally slowing its investigations into the makers of prescription opioid producers, which represent the largest and most dangerous drug sellers within the nation. The DEA’s first case towards an opioid maker faltered, leading to a laughable $35 million fantastic towards the corporate.

Exhibit A of DEA’s astounding stage of ignorance and injustice is their sustaining of hashish as a Schedule 1 drug with “no accepted medical use.” Even as most U.S. states have acknowledged the superb energy of hashish to heal a wide range of illnesses, DEA one way or the other stays in a state of whole denial.

The War on Drugs is a conflict on folks. The DEA not solely ruins lives by implementing unjust prohibition, nevertheless it’s additionally neck deep within the black market.