Eight Hundred 9/11 Families Sue Saudi Arabia For Orchestrating Attacks

Eight hundred households of 9/11 victims are suing the federal government of Saudi Arabia for his or her position in orchestrating September 11 assaults in collusion with the Bush administration. 

The households be part of 1,500 first responders who all imagine that the 2001 terror assaults had been funded, partly, by the Saudi regime.

According to paperwork filed in a federal courtroom in Manhattan, obtained by Pix 11, officers in Saudi helped prepare the hijackers and labored with the American authorities to carry them into the United States unobstructed:

“The doc particulars how officers from Saudi embassies supported hijackers Salem al-Hazmi and Khalid Al-Mihdhar 18 months earlier than 9/11.

“The officers allegedly helped them discover flats, be taught English and acquire bank cards and money. The paperwork state that the officers helped them learn to mix into the American panorama.”

Theantimedia.org studies:

For years, suspicions have swirled that some Saudi officers had ties to the ugly assaults. The latest launch of FBI reports produced shortly after the assaults supplied particulars to justify rising skepticism in opposition to the Saudis. These particulars had been additional bolstered by the discharge of 28 pagesinitially withheld from the 9/11 fee report. Though the U.S. authorities downplayed the findings, even some lawmakers expressed concern.

Pix 11 additional described the lawsuit, which reportedly depends on data from the FBI’s investigations:

“The suit also produces evidence that officials in the Saudi embassy in Germany supported lead hijacker Mohamed Atta. It claims that a Saudi official was in the same hotel in Virginia with several hijackers the night before the attacks.”

The swimsuit additionally alleges “some of the hijackers had special markers in their passports, identifying them as al-Qaida sympathizers.”

According to the swimsuit, filed by aviation legislation agency Kreindler & Kreindler, “Saudi royals, who for years had been trying to curry favor with fundamentalists to avoid losing power, were aware that funds from Saudi charities were being funneled to al-Qaida.”

“The charities were alter egos of the Saudi government,” Jim Kreindler advised Pix 11.

According to Kreindler, “there was a direct link between all the charities and Osama bin Laden and…they operated with the full knowledge of Saudi officials.”

The lawsuit reportedly particulars how funds had been transferred from charities inside Saudi Arabia to the fear group. One of these charities, Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, has been designated a sponsor of terrorism by the U.S. authorities.

Kreindler insists Saudi involvement occurred and was blatantly malicious.

“The Saudis were so duplicitous,” he stated. “They claim to be allies fighting with U.S. against Iran, while at the same time working with the terrorists. There’s no question they had a hand in the 9/11 attacks.”

Until late final yr, households of 9/11 victims had been unable to sue overseas nations over their potential involvement within the assaults. In September, Congress overrode President Obama’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, which permits for the swimsuit filed this week.

President Obama, like George Bush earlier than him, loved a comfortable relationship with the dominion. The Bush household has had an extended, worthwhile historical past with the Saudi regime over shared oil pursuits. Obama continued to guard the continued, heat relationship by approving billions of dollars value of weapons gross sales to the dominion. He additionally backed the monarchy’s onslaught of Yemen, the place hundreds of civilians have been killed with American-supplied weapons.

“The Obama and Bush administrations have done nothing but fight the 9/11 families for 15 years,” James Riches, the daddy of a primary responder who died within the assaults and participant within the swimsuit, told Pix 11 final month. “The United States government took the side of the Saudis over the 9/11 families.”

President Trump, for his half, beforehand criticized the Saudis, even acknowledging their alleged position within the 9/11 assaults when the 28-pages had been launched. However, since taking workplace, Trump has moved nearer to Saudi Arabia, approving a weapons deal even Barack Obama rejected. Trump has additionally continued bombing Yemen, and Exxon Mobil, whose former CEO now serves at Trump’s secretary of state, has historic enterprise ties to the Saudis. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson not too long ago refused to acknowledge Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses.

Considering Trump’s unpredictable management and his earlier allusion to the Saudi position in 9/11, it’s at present unclear how the president will react to the latest lawsuit. Regardless, these submitting the swimsuit seem like dedicated to their makes an attempt to realize accountability.

“This lawsuit is a demonstration of the unwavering commitment of the 9/11 families to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for its critical role in the 9/11 attacks,” Kreindler stated.