EXCLUSIVE! Stunningly Clear UFO Photographed By Shocked Walgreen’s Employee

A Walgreen’s worker has captured a few of the clearest photos thus far of what seems to be a UFO hovering above the sky in New Hampshire.

When Kayla Lawson, 28, took a while out in her again yard in Laconia, New Hampshire in mid-April, the very last thing on her thoughts was UFOs.

I’d had a busy day at work,” says Kayla, who’s a buyer companies affiliate at Walgreens drug retailer, “so I believed I’d lie out within the solar to loosen up for a number of moments.”

She lay again on her solar lounger and took a number of selfies to submit on Facebook, then turned her cell-phone to the sky to snap some photos of the clouds.

I’ve all the time been fascinated by the sky,” she claims, “and love the way in which you may generally see photos within the clouds. I’m all the time sky-gazing, however have by no means seen something uncommon.”

The solar was shining brightly so Kayla shielded the lens on her cellphone. That’s when she observed one thing – one thing spherical and pale that wasn’t the solar and undoubtedly wasn’t a cloud. She thought for an on the spot that it might have been the moon however then realized it was too small.

Kayla Lawson, 28, snapped this stunningly clear image of a UFO while sunbathing in her yard

“I thought I was imagining it at first,” she admits, “so I moved the camera aside to look with my naked eyes, and could see it was still there.”

Zooming in barely, Kayla noticed that the UFO was extra spherical than disc-shaped. She zoomed in once more. Definitely spherical. “I couldn’t actually see it on the display correctly although because it was such a vivid day, so went inside to have a greater look.”

Zooming in, the flying saucers appears to tackle a spherical form, coated in lights

Indoors, Kayla checked her cellphone. Inspecting essentially the most zoomed-in shot, she might see the UFO very clearly. She was puzzled by what she’d seen to this point, however what she noticed then flummoxed her additional.

Is this one of many clearest UFO images to-date?

I might see the article very clearly as soon as I used to be in a greater mild,” explains Kayla. “I might see dots on it, specified by rows, however not that symmetrical. They appeared a bit like lights or one thing and the underside two, after I appeared very intently, appeared like eyes!

When she went exterior once more, the UFO had gone.

Kayla thought that was the tip of it however then, six days later, she noticed the UFO AGAIN! “It was just about in the identical place, simply over to the precise a bit,” she says incredulously. “I took one other picture and waited for some time to see if it did something nevertheless it simply hovered. I actually didn’t know what to make of it. And now, two weeks on, I nonetheless don’t.”

Kayla tells us that she tried approaching quite a few information retailers and UFO researchers with the photos within the hope extra info could possibly be given about them. So far, no one has responded.

“I truthfully suppose that it’s probably one thing they don’t need us figuring out about. I’ve despatched it to so many information crews in addition to ufo researchers and have gotten nowhere with it. It’s very unusual. However, I’ve appeared on-line at different UFO sightings and I’m astounded as to how clear and exact my images got here out in comparison with the opposite ones I’ve discovered.

I hold considering behind my thoughts that it’s one thing extraordinary. I hadn’t been searching for something at teh time, however since then, I can’t cease trying on the sky and taking extra photos within the hope of discovering extra wonderful issues.”

Kayla determined to share her images with Your News Wire to see if anybody else has any concepts. What do you suppose?