‘Genocide’ In Yemen As Saudi Arabia, U.S. Grab 63% Of Oil Supply

Saudi Arabia and the United States are finishing up a “genocide” whereas the world turns a blind eye, unaware that Yemen is being invaded for its huge oil reserves. 

Observers have been puzzled why oil-rich Saudi Arabia, backed by their allies the United States, have set their sights on impoverished Yemen – nevertheless all is just not because it appears within the area.

Saudi Arabian oil is drying up, and scientific analysis by worldwide drilling firms present that Yemen’s unexploited oil reserves are larger than the mixed reserves of all of the oil-rich Gulf states.

Yemen, the poor man of the area, has emerged as a prize, and the ruthless Saudis are experiencing no guilt about slaughtering Yemeni civilians to make sure the virgin oil begins flowing by their pipelines.

63% of Yemen’s crude manufacturing is being stolen by Saudi Arabia,” Mohammad Abdolrahman Sharafeddin told FNA on Tuesday, explaining that Saudi-US navy motion is already paying dividends for the invaders.

Saudi Arabia has arrange an oil base in collaboration with the French Total firm within the Southern elements of Kharkhir area close to the Saudi border province of Najran and is exploiting oil from the wells within the area,” he added.

But it will get worse for the Yemeni folks, caught in a entice as a result of truth they’ve billions of barrels of crude flowing deep below the homes the place their kids sleep.

Sharafeddin said that Riyadh is buying “arms and weapons” with the petro being stolen from the Yemeni folks. These arms and weapons are then equipped to Saudi-sponsored mercenaries with directions to “minimize free” within the nation, slaughtering Yemenis in oil-rich areas.

Why hasn’t Yemen exploited its oil wealth?

Late in final yr, one other financial professional mentioned Washington and Riyadh had bribed the previous Yemeni authorities to chorus from oil drilling and exploration actions, including that Yemen has extra oil reserves than your entire Persian Gulf area.

Saudi Arabia has signed a secret settlement with the US to stop Yemen from using its oil reserves over the previous 30 years,” Hassan Ali al-Sanaeri advised FNA.

The secret settlement enriched the nation’s political management, whereas guaranteeing that the Yemeni folks remained poor – in contrast to their counterparts in neighboring oil producing nations.

Yemen is a gold mine

The scientific analysis and assessments performed by worldwide drilling firms present that Yemen’s oil reserves are greater than the mixed reserves of all of the Persian Gulf states,” Hassan Ali al-Sanaeri mentioned.

The financial professional added that their are considerable oil reserves in Ma’rib, al-Jawf, Shabwah and Hadhramaut areas.

He reiterated that new oil reserves have been found in Yemen’s al-Jawf province which may make the nation one of many greatest oil exporters within the area and the world – however not if Saudi Arabia and the United States have any say within the matter.