Hollywood For Saying THlS… DO YOU STILL HAVE HIS BACK?

In the liberal world of Hollywood, it’s thought-about extraordinarily dangerous to an entertainer’s profession to “come out” as a supporter of Donald Trump.

Luckily, there are nonetheless legends like Clint Eastwood round that don’t give a hoot what a bunch of liberal nitwits suppose.

He added that the GOP presidential nominee is as an alternative simply saying what’s on everybody’s thoughts.

Eastwood went on to assault Barack Obama, saying he has no enterprise within the White House earlier than slamming him for refusing to work with Congress. He then criticized Obama’s complete era of supporters, saying they’re entitled and don’t wish to do the work that’s required of them.

Eastwood’s son Scott identified that his father is from “a tougher generation that valued hard work [and] integrity.” He concluded that this hard-working perspective is what made his father profitable and what retains him working to at the present time on the age of 86.