Kids Taken From Parents For Saying Easter Bunny Isn’t Real

A Canadian couple have had their youngsters faraway from them by the State after they refused to inform their youngsters the Easter Bunny is actual. 

Foster mother and father Derek and Frances Baars have filed court docket papers in opposition to Hamilton Children’s Aid Society after the company demanded they inform their youngsters that the Easter Bunny is a “real entity.” stories:

“We were committed to not lying to children,” Derek Baars stated, including “they could expect the truth from us and we expected the truth from them.”

The couple, who’re religious Christians, advised the company that they “do not endorse Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny as they do not wish to lie to children.” They had famous that they don’t have a good time Halloween earlier than they have been accepted as foster mother and father.

Derek is learning to turn into an ordained minister within the Reform Presbyterian Church of North America, whereas Frances is a nanny with an Early Childhood Education diploma.

The couple was accepted to foster in December of 2015 and shortly fostered two ladies, aged three and four, who had been quickly faraway from their mother and father.

“We neither confirmed or denied the existence of Santa Claus,” Baars stated, noting “we gave them gifts for Christmas and they were part of our extended family celebration. They had a good day.”

However, the women’ organic mother and father have been upset to be taught that there was no photograph of the women with Santa Claus.

As Easter grew nearer, the Baars stated the women’ assist employee grew to become when she realized that the couple wasn’t educating the kids concerning the Easter Bunny.

In response, the Baars stated they have been then advised that it was a “requirement” and “part of their duty as foster parents to teach the girls about the Easter Bunny because it is ostensibly part of Canadian culture.”

The couple advised the assist employee they’d purchase the women new outfits and have a chocolate egg hunt, and even supplied to have them despatched to a different foster dwelling for Easter.

The Baars stated their supply was refused, nevertheless, and so they have been advised their “inflexibility is a problem.” They say the company advised them to “tell the foster girls that the Easter Bunny was real or their foster home would be closed.”


The Baars additionally stated that the assist employee advised them she “was personally afraid that if a same-sex adoptive couple met us, that we would not treat them well” resulting from their spiritual beliefs.

The youngsters have been faraway from the Baars’ dwelling in March of 2016, and so they have been advised that they may now not be foster mother and father.

Hamilton CAS Executive Director Dominic Verticchio advised CBC News that he couldn’t talk about the specifics of the case, however stated, “When you have children placed outside their homes… I think there should be a balance between being respectful of the foster parent’s beliefs, but also the kids. You’ve got to find a middle ground.”