Obama Officially Declared Most Destructive Leader Since World War II

Former US President Barack Obama formally did extra harm to his personal get together than another political chief since World War II. 

Official statistics present that regardless of Obama having fun with eight years of adoration from the sycophantic liberal media, behind the scenes he recklessly obliterated the get together’s energy via his personal incapacity to manipulate.

Thegatewaypundit.com experiences:

Over eight years of Obama’s Presidency the Democratic Party misplaced extra mixed seats within the US Senate, US House, Governorships, State Legislative Seats and State Chambers than any President since FDR.

From January 2009 via the aftermath of Election Day — because of Obama and his concepts:

  • Democrats surrendered the White House to non politician President Donald J. Trump.
  • Democrats ran the Senate and House in 2009. Now they management neither.

As a end result Obama will go down in historical past as essentially the most damaging President ever for his get together.