Russia: CIA Hacking Leaks Shows World In Great Danger

Russia has mentioned that US safety companies should present a full response to WikiLeaks’ accusations concerning hacking by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova mentioned on Friday that US spy companies have to be held absolutely accountable following the current revelations concerning the CIA’s hacking methods, including that if discovered to be true the acts of espionage by Washington characterize “a great” hazard to the world.

“If this information is confirmed, it would be desirable for the US security services to respond fully and adequately to the released documents with specific facts,” Zakharova informed a briefing, including “And if this information is confirmed, then this is a great danger to the world and international security”

On March 7, whistle-blowing web site WikiLeaks revealed the primary a part of the Vault 7 sequence, which constituted hundreds of paperwork from the CIA that purportedly revealed the company’s hacking and spying secrets and techniques.

The leaked recordsdata present that US spy company appeared to have developed or collected methods to hack into Mac OS X, Windows, Linux pc working techniques, in addition to Android and iOS software program for cell phones. The company had additionally apparently devised a method to focus on sensible TV units, having them file audio and ship it to CIA servers.

The whistle-blowing web site says the Vault 7 sequence would be the largest leak of secret CIA information.

“If this information is correct, and we periodically learn that what the US special services are doing and amusing themselves with has always been confirmed… it is extremely dangerous, first of all from the standpoint of simply undermining the existing system of international relations,” Zakharova mentioned.
“Accordingly, if these actions are confirmed, they simply undermine the trust that has been built with such difficulty between the countries,” she emphasised.

The Kremlin has already mentioned that it’s going to have in mind leaks about US makes an attempt to wiretap Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We naturally turned our attention to these published data together with the entire international community. Of course, they deserve attention and they must be carefully read,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov informed reporters Thursday.

He added, nevertheless, that the most recent leaks had been nothing new.

“As you know, in Washington they do not hide the fact that they actively wiretap Russian officials. They wiretap our Ambassador [Sergei] Kislyak and so on. No one is hiding this. Therefore, one does not need opening WikiLeaks, one could have guessed,” Peskov famous.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has additionally described the revelations as “quite plausible.”

“As for reports on the CIA’s hacking arsenal, of course, we saw them… I proceed from the assumption that experts consider this information quite plausible,” Lavrov mentioned on Thursday.

The US has but to verify the authenticity of the leaks, however the White House has slammed the discharge of knowledge, calling for these accountable for the revelations to be held accountable.

Edward Snowden, former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor turned whistleblower, says the leaks appeared “authentic” and “a big deal.”