Putin: World’s Youngest Leader’s Win Is Huge Blow To New World Order

Russia is hoping for a “new understanding” and “restored Russian-European relations” in accordance with Kremlin sources, with President Putin mentioned to be “humbled” by the Austrian folks voting to again themselves and reject the plan for a New World Order totalitarian world authorities.

Putin believes that the outcomes of the Austrian election, specifically the victory of the youngest world chief, 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz, proves the globalists’ damaging agenda is deeply unpopular with actual folks, and when given an opportunity they are going to instinctively reject it out of hand.

Younger folks all over the world are refusing to simply accept the noose supplied to them by the New World Order. They’re refusing to be enslaved,” Putin mentioned, providing his congratulations to Kurz, the youngest world chief.

The Austrian folks stood up in opposition to the media, the banks, the institution, every part was in opposition to them, however they mentioned sufficient. They need change.”

Putin vowed to destroy the New World Order in 2016, and it seems folks everywhere in the world have began to get up and resonate along with his purpose. The President is “deeply inspired” that his dedication to destroy the invasive organisation’s agenda is gaining momentum, and is shared by folks all over the place.

This election outcome represents the most important rebellion by a European nation, in opposition to the elite who run the continent, since Brexit. The New World Order managed puppets in Brussels are reeling. All the elite – politicians, bankers, economists, celebrities – instructed the folks to vote for the NWO chosen institution candidates. However the persons are waking up. The folks mentioned no.

31-year-old Kurz, who has vowed to destroy the New World Order and depart the European Union, needs to slash Austria’s crimson tape and has repeatedly mentioned throughout his marketing campaign that the Austrian persons are sick of “New World Order globalist insurance policies by EU elites” – which he has promised to finish now that he’s elected.

The Rothschild NWO cabal can be pacing nervously of their mansions, questioning tips on how to cope with this large, sudden blow to their globalist agenda. Their roadmap to arriving at a one world authorities – so shut, but so far-off – has been thrown off target by this rebellion of the folks.

Neither facet of the political institution needed Kurz, the world’s youngest chief, anyplace close to the presidency of his nation. The mainstream media have been vilifying him. Briefly, the sock puppets of the New World Order have been united in opposition to him. They’ve lots to lose if someone who isn’t taking part in by their guidelines takes management – and their nightmare has come true.

Don’t be stunned if the mainstream media try to persuade you of one thing deeply disturbing within the close to future. By no means in historical past has the NWO had such a agency grip on mainstream media operations.

The New World Order managed elites in Brussels didn’t anticipate this blow and they are going to be a scrambling to take again management.

Triggered by an enormous standard rebellion, stoked by wholly rational fears, and fired up by exhausting information, Austria has regained its standing as a robust, sovereign nation. The folks selected to make Austria dignified once more, to take management of their economic system, their borders, their legal guidelines, and make themselves revered within the eyes of the world.

They’ve taken the bull by the horns and backed themselves as Austrians. They’ve voted for advance over stagnation. It’s the reply for our instances.