Rhode Island Introduces Geoengineering Act To Ban Chemtrails

A brand new geoengineering invoice has been launched by a Rhode Island state legislator, designed to ban the practise of spraying toxic chemtrails into the environment. 

Rep. Justin Price launched “The Geoengineering Act of 2017” [H6011] in an try to control the intentional manipulation of the climate and atmosphere.

Activistpost.com reviews: The legislative intent of the invoice is,

(a) “Geoengineering” is outlined herein because the intentional manipulation of the atmosphere, involving nuclear, organic, chemical, electromagnetic and/or different physical-agent actions that impact modifications to earth’s environment and/or floor.

(b) The Rhode Island normal meeting finds that geoengineering encompasses many applied sciences and strategies involving hazardous actions that may hurt human well being and security, the atmosphere, and the economic system of the state of Rhode Island,

(c) It is due to this fact the intention of the Rhode Island normal meeting to control all geoengineering actions as additional set forth by the phrases and provisions of this chapter. 

[CJF emphasis]

Proposed Section 23-23.Eight-Three. of the Geoengineering Act of 2017 defines the scope of geoengineering to incorporate a ‘laundry list’ of applied sciences, which will not be acquainted to the general public; or that these “technological advances” are thought of as “intentional manipulation of the environment”! OMG, is wakeup name for everybody?

Those applied sciences thought of as intentional manipulation of the atmosphere embrace:

  • Solar Radiation Management (SRM) or what some name “chemtrails”
  • Geoengineering ground-based and/or atmosphere-based deployments, together with ‘tools’ and autos to deploy them, together with drones
  • Cloud cowl safety and cloud whitening
  • Space sunshades or sunshields
  • Solar shields or atmospheric sunscreens, e.g., reflective particulates like sulfur dioxide and aluminum oxide
  • Artificial ionosphere, e.g., high-density plasma cloud
  • Ocean fertilization utilizing iron or lime
  • Re-icing or cooling the Arctic by synthetic means
  • Genetically-modified, CO-2-eating, plastic bushes
  • Carbon black or black carbon releases
  • Atmospheric deployment of radiofrequency/microwave radiation
  • Aircraft geoengineering actions

Just to say a number of situations from what’s listed within the invoice.

Whoever researched and drafted/wrote invoice H6011 actually did his/her homework (applause, applause, applause) as a result of the Consequences listed on pages Three and four are one thing each dwelling being on Planet Earth should know earlier than it’s too late to avoid wasting the Planet and, particularly, the Planet’s prodigious life kinds:

  • Global dimming lowering vitamin D absorption for people and animals
  • Reduced photosynthesis
  • Local rainfall patterns distribution modifications
  • Chemical contents of native rainfall
  • Contamination of air, water and soil as particulates fall to earth
  • Degradation of human, animal and plant well being and different dwelling organisms
  • Acceleration of biodiversity and species losses
  • Less direct daylight reaching earth [present estimates are 25 to 30% much less daylight reaches earth as a consequence of “chemtrail” spraying]
  • Increases in acid rain, sulfur and aluminum oxide
  • Droughts and flooding
  • Increases in ultraviolet radiation (UVA, UVB and/or UVC) reaching earth
  • Visibility impairment
  • Economic losses too quite a few to quote right here; learn the invoice

Numerous different parameters are listed, however one factor talked about is “chaff” outlined as aluminum-coated fiberglass particulates, which all life kinds breathe in! Alzheimer’s everybody?

Geoengineering means the “intentional manipulation of the environment.”

Because of the hurt from geoengineering actions, particular licensure should be obtained from the State of Rhode Island to interact in these actions.

Public feedback should be a part of the method of “licensing.”

An atmosphere influence overview should be rendered.

Penalties for violation are nothing to sneeze at: a high-quality of not lower than $500,000 or imprisonment of not lower than 190 days and/or each!

There’s extra within the invoice than I’ve listed right here, so I like to recommend studying it. However, the final web page of the invoice emphatically states:

This act would set up a system to control the intentional manipulation of the worldwide atmosphere, via varied means, which might be referred to as “geoengineering”. This act would additionally present that an individual in search of to interact in geoengineering actions would require a license from the director of the division of environmental administration.

This act would take impact upon passage.

Thank you, Representative Justin Price and the good State of Rhode Island legislature for being the way-shower, particularly within the Planet’s time of maximum ecological devastation and nice want.

The above invoice was launched considerably lately, March 24, 2017. It’s somewhat a “new” and a “local concept” for coping with what’s occurring above our heads.

Let’s get it going and dealing via the legislative course of in each legislature of all 50 nice states of the United States of America.