U.S. & British Troops Enter Syria Alongside Terrorists

Syria has been on excessive alert for the reason that latest enhance of U.S. troops on the Jordanian border in what seems to be preparation for an invasion from the south and southeast.

Now the United States and Britain have entered Southern Syria from the identical location in Jordan that earlier experiences steered could be used.

Activist Post experiences:

Fighting alongside jihadist terrorist group, Jaysh Mughawr al-Thurah, a subsidiary of the Free Syrian Army, U.S. and British forces had been filmed touring via the Tanf border crossing in Homs governate. The troops had been apparently heading in direction of the Hamimah space.

The experiences had been launched first from the SMART News Agency, which writes that roughly 150 U.S. and British navy personnel have entered Syria from Jordan.

SMART News Agency has offered video proof of their claims. This video reportedly reveals a number of navy personnel in armed Humvees partaking in a firefight alongside terrorist forces, who had been working the cameras. Indeed, the acquainted “Allahu Akbar” chant will be heard all through the video.

Hamimah is round 90km east of Palmyra, close to the Deir ez-Zour countryside. Albukamal can be positioned close by, a city of strategic significance to the U.S.

This motion of troops is important as a result of their aim may very well be to chop off the Syrian navy’s progress towards Deir ez-Zour. Essentially, it’s a option to forestall the Syrian navy from lifting the siege of the town and forestall its progress within the east with out violating the Russian No Fly Zone over different elements of the nation. Preventing the Syrian navy’s progress within the east will go nice lengths towards making a scenario during which Syria will be partitioned.

A U.S./British/Military presence within the space, nonetheless, may additionally result in a direct confrontation between Western and Syrian forces. Syria has repeatedly warned towards Jordanian and Western aggression and the Syrian authorities doesn’t seem keen to permit the United States to chop off its progress towards Deir ez-Zour. Some experiences popping out of the Middle East have reported that the Syrian navy is within the technique of dispatching troops to the world. These experiences, nonetheless, are unconfirmed.

This newest incursion into Syria is yet one more escalation by the United States in its warfare of aggression towards the Syrian authorities and seems to be an try to impose “federalization” on Syria.

As far again as June 29, 2015 and based on a report by the Financial Times, the Jordanians plan to implement a “buffer zone” on the southern border with Syria, stretching throughout the provinces of Deraa and Suwayda. The “buffer zone” would most definitely embody the town of Deraa and, just like the Turkish/American desired incarnation, a “militarized zone” to “separate the buffer area from government forces.”

While the Jordanian navy would clearly be concerned, the zone was largely to be manned by terrorists receiving assist from the United States and the West.

The plan to destroy Syria utilizing Jordan as a staging floor has been within the works since at the least 1983, when it was written in CIA paperwork that utilizing Iraq within the east, Turkey within the north, Israel within the south, and Jordan within the southeast could be one attainable methodology of breaking Hafez al-Assad. Later, it was mentioned by financier suppose tank, Brookings Institution, that Syria and Bashar al-Assad may very well be damaged utilizing an an identical technique (with ISIS as an alternative of Iraq) and making a “multi-front war” that will forestall Assad’s forces from responding adequately.

Article by Brandon Turbeville